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    A6 c7 4g alarm disarm double chirp?

    ok so my audi a6 c7 avant went in too audi due too adblue tank replacement when i collected majority of my coding was no longer active so I've redone most coding my alarm bleeps on locking boot opens closes from key and rear tail lights are on with drl lights but my double chirp on alarm...
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    Request out of range?

    can anyone help me get my trailer ecu too run initation currently controler refused key or request out of range?
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    Vw transporter t5.1 auto close feature?

    Hi there I'm wondering if anyone can advise me as too why my auto rain sensor closing feature is not working,as I have retro fitted auto wipers and coded in all works perfect but the rain closing window feature is not working now! it previously worked fine on my dummy run when I stuck sensor...
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    2015 T6 102bhp

    no problem if it helps others!
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    Transporter t5.1 service interval change from long life to fixed?

    Hi there can anyone explain why I cannot performe Sri reset on my Vw transporter kombi t5 and is it possible too change from long life servicing too fixed intervals?