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  1. State-808

    2017 VW Multivan in Limp Mode...

    Hi All, Just yesterday I noticed no power response from the throttle so I did an Auto scan. The Fault "Throttle Position Correlation" So I deleted the fault in the hope it was just a blip! In any case I treid again this morning Shock horror it is back... Plus "Boost Pressure Regulation"...
  2. State-808

    Just bought 2017 VW Multivan + Autoscan

    Hi All, Just bought myself a Secondhand Multivan, the first vehicle I Autoscaned (from 5) without any faults in the Scan... Anyways everything looks good to me. But I have a few Queries, the vehicle was listed as having Traction control, Emergency brake assistant, and ESP among others. Is there...
  3. State-808

    VW Multivan 08.2020. Would like to purchase...?

    Hi All, My first post in Anger, (figure of speech) I'm looking at buying this 2020 Multivan. Everthing looks good except the AutoScan (see below) Here are the fault codes 09-Cent. Elect. -- Status: Malfunction 0010 17-Instruments -- Status: Malfunction 0010 5F-Information Electr. -- Status...
  4. State-808

    How long does one have to wait on the Sales Team?

    Hi All, Im seeking to become a "Verified User". I've write to the Sales Team on the 20.07.2022. How long do I need to wait? I suspect my problem is I used two different email address's I know it's the Holidays but I would still like to know what's going on? Regards
  5. State-808

    Tweaks on a old 98 VW T4

    Hi All, I'm a new user with an old VW 98 T4 AES Van. I understand that the Hex-V2 is a little over kill. However I've had it with cheaper tools that don't reliably show correct read outs. So as it stands I now will get correct read outs, my question is are there any tweaks I can do with such an...