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    euro tails for Mk7.5 wagon

    Hello, I'm very new to all of this! But the coding is starting to make sense I'm installing Euro R tails in my FL 7.5 wagon. I did no pin swapping, because guides I had seen (only for Mk7>Mk7.5) looked like the pins were already in the right place for a FL. Out of the box, after I trimmed the...
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    Alltrack: reverse as coming/leaving home

    I see what you're saying. So the lower line camera activates via reverse lights, which is my main problem. My second question was wondering if there's a way to activate the camera always while the parking system is activated (front and rear distance sensors). This is less important though...
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    Alltrack: reverse as coming/leaving home

    I got my RossTech finally a couple months ago, and I spent a whole day playing with it. One of the (many) changes I made was I activated the reverse as coming/leaving home (like GMs sometimes do). The only problem is, it activates the rear camera, even after the car is off! This means I have to...