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    Light Assist

    Did you try setting the switch-on threshold of the light sensor to 'early' in the infotainment menu? Main menu > Car/vehicle > Settings > Lighting
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    Need help cycling ABS pump - MK3 GTI

    If the brake pedal is feeling soft but you do have some (read: enough to brake hard) brake function, and you have some non-public paved space next to wherever the car is, you might just want to try getting it up to a low speed and brake hard to trigger the ABS once or twice. After that bleed it...
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    RNS-E coding rejected

    Ah, i believe this is short coding. In this case, options 'add' a certain value to the current coding, which results in the new value. Therefore you can not just change one number of a valid coding string. If you are trying to code, in de input field you normally get a popup with the values to...
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    Audi q8 SOS error

    Are you sure? I see that the gateway has a battery attached to it, but on page 035-550 there is the module 75 from the autoscan listed separately. OP: I do know that the Q7 of the same production period has a TSB regarding the eCall module (75) not connecting to cellular networks. The TSB...
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    2.0TDI Tiguan 2017- running rough

    Mileage would be relevant for the gearbox mostly. Adaptations: Did you also reset the gearbox adaptations? What was the cause of death of the old engine? Same engine code or different?
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    2.0TDI Tiguan 2017- running rough

    Is the ECM giving any codes? This would be a situation where deleting codes and seeing what comes back is not a good idea, instead observe sporadic codes that only appear every once in a while. Whats the odometer reading? Autoscan? Reset adaptations after fitting engine?
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    Resolved Audi Q5 3.2 Simos 8.2 ECM reading baro pressure incorrectly, check engine light P0106

    This^ ODIS guided function will not work with the used ECM module if you start the session with it already installed. As far as i know, you start the procedure with the original ECM installed, then follow the guided function for replacing a control module.
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    Im not sure if its Conti or Lear, autoscan is in the starting post. I haven’t had a look at the label on the gateway in the car. Does it lose any datasets, Fecs or otherwise when flashing to Q? And while we’re at it, anything else in the autoscan that is easily flashed to a higher SW without...
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    This is a high gateway already by the way.
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    Allright, that would be nice! If needed ill swap out the gateway, but lets see…
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    Yeah i spotted the driving profiles without FPA, might give it a go indeed :) How did you get a gateway dataset if i may ask?
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    Experts advise VCDS WTF 24V Timing

    With the timing observed to actually be correct, measure compression again. Mostly because of the weird results earlier. Wide variation between cilinders gives me a much shittier (can I say that on a US forum?) feeling than compression being (too) low on all cylinders evenly.
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    A9 Structure borne sound retrofit: wrong vehicle type

    Thought i'd share an update. Found this on the interweb, apparently there are enough people trying this for someone to have put in some effort, with results. I flashed the module with an unlocked firmware version of a golf GTD (because there is no original flashfile or unlocked one for the...
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    Enable Easy Entry A8 D4 - 2015

    The seat part in other models is the minimum easy entry will affect and the steering wheel is usually an optional part of that since an electrically adjustable steering column is obviously required and that is usually optional. If on the A8 it is (and is only supposed to be) the steering wheel...
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    2016 Audi A8L swivelling factory towbar

    Seems like you got it right! Any faults i see in your scan are not related to the towbar.
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    VCDS Virgin with a headscratcher for the suspension gurus...

    Well, since there is more than one suspension component complaining about open or short to ground, i would suggest starting to look at the section of wiring where these components share the same ground.
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    Skoda Yeti headlamp upgrade; bulb out error

    Are you sure the OEM housings can resist the increased heat?
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    2019 Golf R Mk7.5 Digital Cockpit units adjustment?

    The speedometer scale in km’s is 10-30-50 etc and above 100 it goes in bigger steps. Thats notmal and ive never seen it in 0-20-40 increments. Makes sense since speed limits in kilometer usually are 15-30-50-70-80-100 (at least in europe).
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    Discover Pro - Heated seats display on screen

    Do you mind if i grab it too, throw it into a hex editor and see what options are actually listed in the dataset (if indeed i can make readable language out of it)?