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    Adjusting sensitivity of automatic headlights

    Is is possible to tweak the automatic headlight dipping system so that it dips the headlights slightly more readily than the standard setting using VCDS? The local dealer tells me that there is no adjustment (unlike my previous Ford Focus which had 3 setting sensitivity levels)...
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    What is Long Coding?

    A basic question, and is there any guide about the subject? I understand I need to use 'Long-Coding' to code a reversing camera, so I need some guidance.
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    HighLine Reversing camera retrofit to 2017 Tiguan SEL

    I have installed an OEM kit for a highLine reversing camera into my 2017 Tiguan. The vendor provided detailed instructions, and several Tiguan Owners Forum members have installed the same kit successfully, albeit carrying out the coding with Carista or another product. The instructions are...
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    Adjusting engage speed for Headlight Assist

    My 2017 Tiguan SEL is fitted with Headlight Assist on the LED headlights which, in the absence of approaching cars, will select full beam as soon as the car's speed reaches 40MPH. Is there any way to adjust the settings so that full beam would engage on a clear road at (say) 30MPH instead...
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    Problem changing rear brakes

    I have followed the instructions for putting the EPB into service mode to change the rear disk and pads, which should have been straightforward - but not so in my case! First I ran a full scan of my car and cleared several fault codes relating to apparent intermittent issues with electric...
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    2017 Tiguan SEL (5n) reversing camera retrofit

    Can any members advise me on the possibility of retrofitting a 'highline' reversing camera into my 2017 (16 plate) 5N Tiguan? The local VW dealership has told me this is not possible, but I have found a few references via the Mk2 Tiguan owners forum to say that this IS a possible...
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    Resolved "No response from controller" - on VW Tiguan SEL

    I have just received my newly purchased copy of VCDS and thought I would start by carrying out a full scan of the car. The scan seems to have worked OK, and generally all was found to be OK, although there were a couple of intermittent faults detected, for example when I found that for some...