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  1. Uwe

    VW Eos roof ecu remapping

    Please post an Auto-Scan for context. -Uwe-
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    Service not supported in active session

    Please post an Auto-Scan for context, so people can see exactly what this vehicle is made of. -Uwe-
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    I've removed the "Pirate" designation. Your "OEM VCDS" appears to be a second-hand system? I do not see a "no ROD file found" in your scan. I see an "Invalid data record" fault. -Uwe-
  4. Uwe

    2020 RS3 help

    Hi and welcome. You have two faults in the ABS in that scan: "Brake Pad Replacement Mode Active". Did you properly complete the steps described here? That fault is flagged, "Intermittent". Have you tried clearing it? Note, in some of the latest cars, the ABS is part of the generic...
  5. Uwe

    Help with P0411 on 1998 Beetle 2.0L

    I would think (but have no way of knowing for sure) that it would be one of the items in the ECU's Output Test sequence. -Uwe-
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    ... it was funny to me....

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    2020 US Presidential Election

    I do not think a party chair, who holds no public office, should taken as, "Pennsylvania is openly talking about...." Of course the Constitution does allow each state to decide how to choose its presidential electors. There is no requirement for them to be chosen via an election. Early in...
  8. Uwe

    Tire size

    Understood. But VAG is from a a country where you will fail your bi-annual inspection if you have the wrong size tires on your car, and wrong is any size that's not on the manufacturer's placard in the door jamb. -Uwe-
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    Steering Rack Advice please

    Yes. Since we don't sell parts, and this forum isn't beholden to any advertisers, there's no problem with that. -Uwe-
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    climatic control retrofit for vw transporter t5(2015)

    We do not do retrofit support over the phone, sorry. Moreover none of us have any personal experience with retrofitting rear A/C (or anything else for that matter) in a T5 because the T5 was never sold in the NAR market. This is why we still keep a T4 as our company truck! :) -Uwe-
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    Steering Rack Advice please

    As far as I can see in your scan, the rack doesn't support coding, so I don't think it needs coding. -Uwe-
  12. Uwe

    Tire size

    VAG has never had a proper provision for calibrating different tire sizes in their instrument clusters. Some of have an table of different "impulse" counts, but this was intended for different transmission and final drive ratios rather than for tire sizes. -Uwe-
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    Steering Rack Advice please -Uwe-
  14. Uwe

    Vw Polo and new used ecu problem

    It depends on the ECU. I'm not aware of any tool that can read PINs from all ECUs (or even all instrument cluster or immobilizer modules). -Uwe-
  15. Uwe

    ABS Control Unit Long Coding

    How was the coding lost? What parts have been replaced? Do you have any older scans from this car from before the coding was lost? Look in your Scans sub-folder. -Uwe-
  16. Uwe

    VCDS on Win10 in VirtualBox strange result

    Speculation: Some old KW1281 K-Line modules were extremely fussy about timing, and having to pass everything through an additional OS plus a VM hypervisor is not at all helpful with that. -Uwe-
  17. Uwe

    Long coding Helper check boxes missing

    What Long Coding Helper shows is heavily dependent on the data available for a particular module. Have you got a scan of the car you have this question about? -Uwe-
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    Coding for your 46 module is thoroughly documented in VCDS. There are only two bits that directly affect the functionality of the rear lights, and both are set in your coding of 3569693. +0004096 = SAE Rear Lights (PR-A8U) <- Since you're in the US, I assume you have SAE tail lamps. +0008192 =...
  19. Uwe

    6n1 polo speedo issues

    I think it's unlikely that the speedo cares about a temp sensor. However, I could see where the Vehicle Speed Sensor in the transmission is having a hard time waking up on cold mornings. If it were mine, I'd look for vehicle speed in the instrument cluster's MVBs and see if you get valid...
  20. Uwe

    VW MK Jetta TDI Auto scan

    Hi and welcome. Many of those fault codes are flagged "Intermittent". That means the fault condition that set the code did not exist (or could not be detected) at the time the scan was performed. Since this is an older car with a lot of miles on it, that's apparently hasn't had very...