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    MIB2 Discover Media PQ /picture heavyyy :D

    I'm trying to retrofit discover media pq from tiguan 2016/sirocco/caddy/beetle/passat cc 5C0 035 680 to golf 6 2010. So far I have replaced gateway and made an adapter from old to new quadlock connector. I'm waiting for stealership appointment next week to remove cp and I have a friend who...
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    Passat B7 ACC retrofit in progress...

    since there is little or no info or wrong info for coding acc here is guide, maybe it will help someone, it's always better to have it in one place :) i helped a friend retrofit acc well almost... he bought used radar, cheaper and also no need to calibrate/basic settings, 3AA907567 with bracket...
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    Audi A6 C7 4G front led headlight retrofit

    Hey people, friend of mine has tried to retrofit full led headlights on his a6 which came with halogen lights, he bought lights with ballasts and adapter wire from kufatec, but there is no instructions from kufatec, and they are pointing to C6 bi xenon as guide :banghead: on adapter there is...
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    MK6 17 Instrument security/login code?

    Hello, does anybody have any working security code for golf MK6 instrument/cluster/tacho security code? Need it for research purposes thx
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    Error 00149 - End of Line Programming not Completed - DCC Suspension

    For everyone with error 00149 - End of Line Programming not Completed, I have found a way to finally clear it. You will have this error if you bought a used unit (replaced) or flashed yours to newer version. To fix this you need to save your VIN in adaptation channel 30 by saving value 1...
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    Retrofit 4Motion passat 3c/b6

    Hello to everyone, seeking some help, assistance, information what ever can point me in right direction. I have gathered all part for 4motion retrofit except ABS module. Just before i get some free time to do this I have some questions about ABS coding Is it possible to recode current ABS...