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    Security Access Code for HVAC Controller 08

    Unable to access my HVAC 08 controller. I replaced the Climatronic unit with an Auto Climatronic hardware part number 51G 907 044 K. I want to access adaptations to change the retention of drivers seat heater level from 10 min to active, so it keeps last setting when car is started. I tried...
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    MK7 GTI EPC Light After CAN Gateway Replacement (AFS Lighting Retrofit)

    Performing Retrofit of Halogen to Xenon with full Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS). Had to change CAN Gateway 5Q0907530S to 5Q0907530AC as original CAN Gateway does not have an extended BUS (pins 7 and 17 missing) which is used to provide data to AFS Module. Recoded new module with old...
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    MK7 GTI How to Add Adaptive Front Lighting (AFS) to MFD Light Assist Menu?

    Anyone have any knowledge they can share on adding AFS check box to MFD Light Assist menu on a MK7 GTI? Background: In process of retrofitting Halogen to OEM xenon with AFS. Complete, but working out the bugs. Per the Owner’s Manual in the Multi-function Display (MFD) setup menu for...
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    Request: Adpmap MK7 GTI with Lighting Package Central Electronics (9) maps

    Require as retrofitting a Halogen to OEM Lighting Package, Bi-xenon with Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) and need to see how applicable channels of a Lighting Package MK7 GTI are configured. Thanks in advance.