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    USDM lights on PreFaceLift A3 8V Halogen Headlight

    Hi Is it possible to activate Front Indicators to be On like DRL on PreFaceLift A3 8V with Halogen Headlight (SE/Sport) and to blink when indicating? Regards
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    Smooth Dimming Down of TailLights

    Hi Is there a simple Light Channel Coding change that can lead to smoother (dimming effect) when TailLights power off rather than sudden turn Off. Regards
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    Central Locking Switch for Passenger Side for RHD A3 8V PFL SB

    Hi I am planning to install Locking Switch on front Passenger door. I believe I need part 8v1962107, 8K0973754A wired up, and activation for Lock switch in Passenger door module through LongCoding. Is that all I will need or there is something else I need to consider. Appreciate your help...
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    A3 8V Light Channel query

    Hi All Re: A3 8V PFC Anyone with better understanding of the light channels? I have managed to adapt light channels that link to ambient, Footwell and cupHolder pins and managed to change their behaviour. Anyway my query is regarding free light channels. I checked through BCM and light...