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  1. dieseltje

    Jetta 1.4 hybrid ACC

    Is it possible to retrofit ACC on a Jetta Hybrid. I’m thinking about to buy a Jetta Hybrid, but I can’t find one with the fine option ACC.
  2. dieseltje

    Speed sensor check Passat B7

    How can I check if my ABS speed sensors are precise enough? The rear ABS sensors (B7) type in my B6 display speed in steps of at least 3 kph in digital screen when I drive slow. reason for my question is that I still can't figure out why my Follow to Stop function is not working propper. When I...
  3. dieseltje

    Passat B7 ABS retrofit on Passat B6 Issues

    Last week I've retrofitted B7 ABS block and B7 Parking brake in my 2008 Passat B6 TDI. I've managed to clear all errors but I'm not shure if coding is correct and some how my Auto-Hold function has gone. Also in my cluster, the menu for Auto-Hold is gone. Befor the retrofit with de 3C0 ACC ABS...
  4. dieseltje

    ACC Retrofit problems Passat B7 1.6TDI engine

    We are trying to retrofit ACC in a Passat B7 with 1.6 TDI engine. All hardware has been connected and we can all code but in the engine ECU we can not code ACC only normal Cruise control. How can this be fixed? Do we have to reprogram / Flash the motor ECU? VCDS log - adapted by VAGC2 version...
  5. dieseltje

    Retrofit Lane-Assist in Passat B6

    I recently retrofitted a lane and sign assist camera (B8) version in my B6 that is partly B7 Changed front screen to B7 type with holder. Mounted the camera and coded all. After that with ODIS calibrated the unit into my car. Now the sign assist is functioning but lane assist will not work. one...
  6. dieseltje

    Passat B7 rear speed sensor retrofitting in Passat B6

    Are the rear speed sensor WHT 003 858B and WHT 003 859B compatible to use with a 3C0 614 109AF ABS module? I need those type of sensor to complete my OPS/pLa option.
  7. dieseltje

    Retrofitted Discover Media PQ into Golf5/Jetta5

    Hi guys, I have a strange problem with a Jetta MK5 of a friend of mine. We did retrofit a Discover Media PQ B type and all works fine only navigation doesn't function as it should be. GPS Signal has been checked and is perfect, so it finds directly fix. SD card has been checked and works...
  8. dieseltje

    B6 Passat Discover Media Retrofit

    Bumping this threat. Retrofitted also Discover Media in my B6 passat 2008 All works fine, only the issue with readablillity of the screen at day. Brightness is highest. Now I found in adaptation maps the possibillity to change value for Dimming_Ambient Illimination Information control unit X1...
  9. dieseltje

    Passat B6 retrofit Passat B7 Gen-3 Climatronic uint

    Hi there. I upgraded my B6 Passat (2008) with the last type Climatronic unit (Gen-3 type). When I have the light of, the figures for reading temperature are all most not readable with clear daylight, whit a bit cloudy weather, its readable. When lights are on, I can read it perfect, also...