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    RS5 Spoiler

    Hi, did u get this resolved? I have a 2014 RS 5. Happy to help provide reference info from VCDS. I also would benefit from a reference scan on your car to help me troubleshoot an apparent glitch in my ABS module coding.
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    Need reference scan, 2013-15 Audi RS5

    “RS5” too short for search. Can anyone provide or point to a ref scan?
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    Thanks Uwe, will do. But just out of curiosity,In this situation what difference is made if I changed the coding or not?
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    Security Access Codes question

    Hi and thanks for your reply. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that I expected Ross tech to guarantee anything, so there’s no need to be snarky. But those exact words are what Ross tech website says on the matter so I thought they must mean something, right? Maybe that line should be revised...
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    Security Access Codes question

    RossTech website says "Valid Login codes can be found in the Factory Repair Manual for your car" I paid ErWin and downloaded everything for my new-to-me RS5, using a VIN-based search, and I believe this qualifies as the Factory Repair Manual, right? But after looking through every pdf file, I...
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    Hmm, I don't understand it but now I have fault-free AutoScans, so happy day! I tried to make the ABS coding change to 2C3D1A and got a dialog box message: Coding rejected Error 33: Security access required So I backed out of that, coding remained 2C1D1A. (I'm now reading on the RossTech...
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    A follow up on this: I took a look at the 03-ABS Brakes module > Coding > Long Coding Helper and the Drive Select feature was not turned on. (That option line was not checked) This car has the Drive Select feature in the MMI (Comfort/Auto/Dynamic/Individual), so shouldn't that box be checked...
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    Oh! and BTW, the previous owner tells me the engine has been replaced in this car. I will never know what really happened, but I considered that unrelated to the brake Fault so I didnt think to mention it before. Still... Maybe mistakes were made when 'coding' the replacement engine? Is that a...
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    Thanks very much. Just gotta say again how great it is to get this support and feedback! I think I have everything from ErWin for the RS5, (stunned how inexpensive a 1 or 3 day subscription is, compared to the $80-ish I paid for a Bentley CD years ago for my 2002 S8) and that included a nifty...
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    03:ABS, 01044 control module incorrectly coded

    Hi, this is a new-to-me 2014 Audi RS5. Im just sorting out the car and have this ABS Fault, but no Dash Light. A number of other Faults, some related to brakes. Seems to me getting this ABS incorrect coding fixed may make some of the other faults disappear as well? Auto Scan attached below...
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    2012 Audi TTRS - replace fixed wing with electric spoiler?

    Hello, apparently the electric rise rear spoiler was a no cost option, so does anyone know if a car sold with the fixed wing has the wiring ready to go? I found an ebay source for the electric rear wing but would like to know if its a simple plug and play? And then VCDS can be used to adjust any...
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    SRI was reset with VCDS, but car still sez "Service Due"

    Hi, on my wife's 2011 Q5 I used VCDS to reset all service intervals. but when she starts the car, still sees the message "Service Due" There must be a separate place in VCDS to remove this alert? Thanks, --Michael
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    2014 Audi RS5

    "Status: Cannot be reached 1100" What does this 'error' message mean? I scanned a 2014 Audi RS5 I wanted to purchase but didn't know what to make of the numerous occurrences of this message. Regards, --Michael AutoScan below: Saturday,16,November,2019,12:50:54:35303 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Trailer hitch configuration for 2011 Audi Q5 ?

    Hi, i installed the audi oem hitch (and electrical connections) and used vcds to tick all the right boxes (i think), but theres an odd behavior: Without trailer attached the parking/proximity sensors in the bumper seem to see the protruding hitch as an apparent obstacle. So, reversing to...
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    Features that dont claim a VIN?

    Hi, been looking over the website for a description of what I can do with VCDS on a friends car, that wont use one of my 3 vins. I know I can run Auto-Scan, but can I clear codes without using up one VIN? More generally, will my HEX-V2 warn me before it claims a VIN, or if I try to do something...
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    2002 S8: troubleshooting Central Locking system code

    Hi, Auto-Scan indicates the following faults. Locks still work, and I disassembled the pump to inspect for common breakage of interals, but it looks good. So Im guessing theres just a vacuum leak in a hidden line somewhere? Thanks, --Michael Address 35: Centr. Locks Labels...
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    2002 S8: "lifter-tick"- or diesel-like rattle on idle?

    Hi, QuattroWorld forum archives suggest this is most likely failed locking pins on cam adjusters. The plastic cam chain guides appear intact on my car, so I plan to replace the cam adjuster units, and just wondering about experience on this forum, or second opinion before I buy parts. VCDS...
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    2011 Q5 - tweak for radio "ON" settings?

    Hi, Im a brand new VCDS user - would like to find out if I can turn off the 'feature' that automatically turns on the radio every time the car is started. I find that super annoying for some reason. Just want the radio to stay exactly as I left it: I press the button next to the shift lever...
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    computer requirements clarification

    Hi, I just finished renting a HEX+CAN interface as a try-before-buy exercise, and it went well, using my work laptop (Win7 EliteBook). But I thought I read here on the forums (cant find it again) that its inadvisable to use a computer you don't own for your purchased RossTech cable, because the...