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  1. golfman

    MFSW retrofitting with problems

  2. golfman

    VW Transporter T6 TowBar Coding Help

    If i bought a genuine vw module would it work correctly with the Westfalia towbar? Like the one in this scan...
  3. golfman

    VW Transporter T6 TowBar Coding Help

    All i know is its a Westfalia towbar kit,that the supplier/fitter said its what vw would fit
  4. golfman

    VW Transporter T6 TowBar Coding Help

    i have tried so many times to get into the module and it cant see it,it just goes round and round and cant connect to it
  5. golfman

    VW Transporter T6 TowBar Coding Help

    Guys a genuine towbar has been fitted to my mates 2017 T6 but what happens is that when he has the caravan or trailer connected to it the rear sensors keep going nuts… Can someone take a look at the coding and see if there’s anything wrong please. Thursday,02,September,2021,14:15:28:03210...
  6. golfman

    2018 Polo AW headlight upgrade from halogen to LED

    Get in touch with Downtime about this... Im 100% sure he can sort this for you:thumbs:
  7. golfman

    VW Polo AW 2018 Front camera retrofit

    I cannot tell you what part numbers you need because i will be hoping that the new windscreen that i choose will be at my own risk for fitting correctly,but my opinion is that all the polo's have the same shape so in theory all the windscreens should be fine but obviously i have a rain sensor on...
  8. golfman

    VW Polo AW 2018 Front camera retrofit

    I will be doing this in the next month or so,will let you know how it goes... scott
  9. golfman

    MQB platform vehicles - have you ever wondered?

    Ok so i tried these adaption channels and the Hazzard button definitely Lights up when braking. Im not sure yet about if the brake lights come on but will report back. scott
  10. golfman

    MQB platform vehicles - have you ever wondered?

    Hi Don ok i will try it and report back to let you know if this works thanks again :thumbs: Scott
  11. golfman

    MQB platform vehicles - have you ever wondered?

    I tried to find it on my 2018 vw polo but i don't have the Adaption Channel :( ENG141657-ENG116172-Leuchte 35 LED Warnblinktaster C48-Lichtfunktion G 15 This is my BCM... SW:2Q0-937-090-A HW:2Q0-937-090 --- Cent. Elect. ;Component:BCM A0 Std+ H98 0926, Coding...
  12. golfman

    MQB platform vehicles - have you ever wondered?

    Excellent find Don i have always wondered if the brake lights come on when the ACC function brakes,i will set mine and see what its like. Scott:thumbs:
  13. golfman

    [Passat B8] Emergency Assist - Coding

    Cant believe your not home yet!!!!!! Cant believe you are not home yet!!!!!!:eek:
  14. golfman

    VW Polo ACC Module Help

    Hi guys im wondering if someone has any ideas as to what is Byte 4 Bit 1 in the 13 ACC Radar? 2Q0907572R Bit 1 Inno_drive,0=not installed/ 1=installed Bit 2 Emergency_Assist,0=not installed/ 1=installed Bit 3 FPK_functions,0=not installed/ 1=installed Bit 4 Electric_park_brake,0=not installed/...
  15. golfman

    2018 vw polo ABS help

    Guys im looking to find out what is required when changing an MQB ABS pump to a used one for ACC retrofit. I realise that when the pump is replaced by another that all the long coding goes to Zero's but what im looking to find out is what Basic Settings need to be done in order for this pump to...
  16. golfman

    Menu_display_attention_identification Meaning?

    Can anyone tell me what this is for in the 5F Adaption channels? Just trying to figure out what it does? ENG122227-ENG117641-Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu_display_attention_identification,not activated ,60...
  17. golfman

    Polo 6C 5F Convenience Consumers How to Sort

    Hi guys I have just noticed recently that my Convenience Consumers in the Car Menu selections is not showing anything....It just says (Function is currently not available) Can anyone help please? Current scan Thursday,26,December,2019,14:55:34:03210 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator...
  18. golfman

    Polo AW Park Assist Coding Help

    Guys, I'm going to retrofit the park assist to my 2018 VW Polo AW RHD and wondering if anyone could help with the coding? I already have the 8 sensors on the car, so I'll add the remaining 4 sensors and just need to know what needs to be coded. Any help would be fantastic. Scott Monday, 15...
  19. golfman

    Crossroad Assistant meaning?

    Hi guys can someone explain what this is for? ENG122227-ENG152543-Car_Function_Adaptations_Gen2-menu_crossroad_assistent Cheers Scott
  20. golfman

    VW Polo AW Blind Spot Detection Help

    Guys I have Retro fitted Blind Spot Detection to my polo but even though I don't have any faults its not working 100% correctly. Sometimes when driving the wing mirror glass detects vehicles and then it also detects nothing but lights up,its like its over sensitive and needs calibration. I spoke...