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  1. Blazs_A4ABC

    Engine swap options in place of an EA888 1.8 TSI ?

    Hey all, My last repair question about my '09 Octavia DTCs with the 1.8 TSI engine ended in a settle with the seller, he's willing to get an engine specimen with less mileage and no history of excessive oil consumption. At the end of discussion a purely theoretical point I made was 'If I had...
  2. Blazs_A4ABC

    Group 085 mileage in a Motronic MED17.5 -> legit?

    Hey, I was cycling through the measurement groups in the MED17.5, when reaching group 085 gave me a mileage. It's not matching with the cluster mileage, but differs only by some dozens of kms. There were some more statistics data as well (it started with 'U...' ,sry for no screenshots, I was...
  3. Blazs_A4ABC

    2009 Octavia 1.8 TSI, MIL turns on and shows DTCs w/ freeze frames months old

    Hey, I could use a hint about the following phenomenon I saw yesterday with my '09 Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI (CDAA) 4x4 Combi, approaching 209k kms. Yesterday the MIL lamp remained on after a warm start. No chimes, no messages on the MFD or anything noticeable in the driving...
  4. Blazs_A4ABC

    Pre-buy checks on ASN/AVK engines?

    Hey, I'm looking for an older A4 Quattro in good shape and found a '03 V6 3.0 30V (engine code unclear yet, but should be ASN or AVK). It's a stick shift. What should I check? According to SSP 255, the engine has a lot of components that should be checked (port flaps, variable phasing gear...