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    MK7 Golf Sportwagen Rear hatch light on with rear lights?

    Hello All, Looking to see if it's possible with coding to have the rear hatch light come on when the overhead "Rear" Light button is pushed. Currently it seems the hatch light only comes on when the boot is open, but I frequently have my dogs back there and would welcome the extra light to...
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    MK7 Golf Sportwagen Front Fog Retrofit

    Hello All, I recently finished wiring up my front fog lights on my GSW. I've installed a new light switch with auto, front, and rear fog. I've recently retrofit Euro 7.5 LED tail lights, high line door controllers, power folding mirrors and reverse mirror dip; these are all working but rear...
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    CP/ODIS/VCDS questions around CAN gateway swap

    Hello All, Looking to get a better understanding of CP, ODIS coding, and VCDS coding in relation to my CAN gateway swap. I'm currently researching a MK7 Halogen to Bi-Xenon retrofit, requiring my CAN Gateway to be replaced. I currently have a 3Q0907530B, and need to replace it with a...
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    BCM capabilities

    Hello All, I'm looking to do a Halogen to Bi-Xenon retrofit on a '17 NA Golf Sportwagen along with a few other upgrades. I'm curious where I can find information on the BCM's capabilities? Autoscan below: Tuesday,04,August,2020,22:38:43:40431 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...