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    2017 Passat CC - Reverse Camera Control Module Replacement

    Hello, I am trying to find out if for a 2017 Passat CC, the reverse camera controller 3C8907441 has component protection. Someone I know has had this unit fail, and have found a replacement, but not sure if its a simple swap or if CP is an issue. I do know about calibration, and that it might...
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    Software Updates and perhaps how to update software (Clusters, gateways..)

    I have a couple of questions regarding clusters, gateways, and was wondering if someone on here might be able to enlighten me. 1) Is the functionality between the following clusters the same, or is there a difference ie., Assistants menu or other capabilities 5N0920883C SW:611 (This is just a...
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    Jetta 2015

    Does anyone have a complete VCDS scan for a NaR Jetta 2015 TDI?
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    Jetta Mk6 TDI (2014) Cluster Upgrade

    I have a cluster from a 2012 European Jetta TDI that I have tried out in a NAR 2014 Jetta TDI. The first 7 digits of the part number is the same in both clusters. I was wondering if you can soft code the new cluster prior to visiting the dealer and getting the immobilizer done? I know I...
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    VCDS Help with new VW controllers

    Hello, Could someone please offer some feedback in the following thread: http://forums.ross-tech.com Thank you!
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    Jetta Mk6 TDI (2014) - Canadian Highline Model - Puddle Lights?

    Hello, Has anyone implemented the puddle lights/door lights on a Mk6 Jetta 2014 Highline (Canadian version)? I have seen the guides online but these are mostly for the Golf Mk6 or Jetta GLI. I have the following window/other Central Electronics: Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) HW: 6R0...
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    Jetta Mk6 TDI (2014) - Canadian Highline Model - TPMS?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone got the TPMS to work on a 2014 Highline (Canadian version)? I have gone through the major guides on how to enable TPMS on an MK6. Issue is that most of these guides are for a Golf and the Jetta seems to be very different. One guide that is listed on Ross-Tech...