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  1. TBAx

    Archive of "current beta" changes?

    Hello everyone, is there an archive of the beta page ( I'm asking, because I found information on the beta page very helpful, as it documents changes that are later added to release versions in much greater detail and with screenshots. I...
  2. TBAx

    Please add Security Access code

    Dear Ross-Tech team, would it be much of a hazzle to add the SA 20103 to the Label „5Q0-959-435.clb“? This one is required to change the adaption channels starting with „DeveloperCoding“. Best regards, Daniel
  3. TBAx

    Long coding helper button disabled after leaving LCode

    Since the implementation of experimental codings I often switch from regular coding to experimental. This happens as follows: go to a module that supports experimental coding select Coding start LCode (long coding helper) with "normal" labels, denying use of experimental ones notice, that the...
  4. TBAx

    Creating adaption maps - SA length field limited to 5

    I just noticed that you can't do an adaption maps using a security access code longer than 5 characters, as seen below. (please ignore the german localization) Entering a sixth character is blocked by VCDS. Will this be changed in an upcoming release? And, as a "concomitant question": is it...