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  1. Mike R

    HEX-NET license revoked, but support says it’s OK

    Can you further elaborate? Interface is showing up to date, and as near as I can tell everything looks normal on our end from what we can see. What is displayed when you Select Options from the home screen in VCDS and then select Test? (Like so) Additionally, what do you see in the About...
  2. Mike R

    The queen is dead, Long Live the king

    I wonder how long Charles will live for, or even reign for. Definitely not for 70 years that's for sure. Can't imagine more than 20 in the most optimistic outlook. Old Charlie is 74 ish right now. I think 15 could even be high-balling it so lets go with that. At that point William would become...
  3. Mike R


    Switzerland breaks neutral status to sanction Russia over Ukraine invasion
  4. Mike R


    I think it's very funny to suggest Trump is in Putin's pocket, when Biden was the one who for inexplicable reasons lifted Trump's sanctions blocking the Nordstream 2 pipeline for Russia. Quite quickly in fact. Those same sanctions that Biden was still fighting for to not reimpose a mere few...
  5. Mike R


    Well, that escalated quickly. via Telegraph Vladimir Putin has appeared to threaten nuclear strikes if any country tries to attack Russia in retaliation. In a chilling warning, he said the “consequences” of any attempt to strike back would provoke a response “never seen in history”
  6. Mike R


    You might have a better time getting some help if you were using a genuine Ross-Tech interface rather than an illegal copy.
  7. Mike R

    Crypto coins ...anyone here into it?

    I am. Certainly far more than I'm into FIAT. Yes it's volatile. Gold and Silver haven't really been doing well compared to what would be traditionally expected in such times since about July of 2020.
  8. Mike R

    General Corona Virus Discussion

    The bigger issue I take all in all, is how this is being done by Executive Order (Decree) without going through the legislative branch (congress).
  9. Mike R

    General Corona Virus Discussion

    It's meant as tongue-in-cheek's_law If I had a Nickel for every time somebody on the American Political Left likened Trump or a Conservative to such things, I could pay off the entire US National Debt.
  10. Mike R

    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Heil Biden!
  11. Mike R

    'murican Pickup Trucks

    Ha, I got it to 31.
  12. Mike R

    Sticky A Sad Day

    We may have only met once, and while your methods may have been difficult for some people, I always knew that you would stick to your guns and principals. You were a good person who said what he felt needed to be said. You helped others even at times when it wound up being to your detriment. I...
  13. Mike R

    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    We were never instructed to do anything with them. If need be I think we can include it in a package with the HN, but attaching is is very time consuming, and not all customers may want to use it so it'd be something some may remove anyways.
  14. Mike R

    Markets / Economy

  15. Mike R

    Problem with vcds interface

    Please upload your image through a more secure means than Mega Upload. You can either upload an image directly here by selecting ctrl+p, or you can do it via
  16. Mike R

    General Corona Virus Discussion

    France is being hammered right now. Their 7 day average is 41,559 cases per. Their population is 1/5th that of the US. Effectively this means they're being infected at a 2.5x higher rate than the US. Haven't looked into other countries just yet, but it's looking bad in Europe generally...
  17. Mike R

    Interface not found ERROR

    There are a couple of possibilities. The interface could be faulty. What is the serial number on the label of the interface? (H11-?????? or H12-??????). If you bought from Ross-Tech directly, I can check if you're eligible for a warranty replacement. Alternatively, it could be a faulty USB...
  18. Mike R

    2020 US Presidential Election

    Seems pretty easy on Joe Biden in all the pieces I've seen him do with Biden or someone who's part of the Biden campaign. I don't really dislike the guy, but frankly he's always struck me as Fox's token liberal. I thought he handled the debate pretty well last night all things considered, but...
  19. Mike R

    2020 US Presidential Election

    Never been a fan of Chris, personally. Had some amusing moments last night though.
  20. Mike R

    2020 US Presidential Election

    No, Trump isn't admitting defeat. Your logic is grasping at straws, or rather just wishful thinking. If Biden "supporters" feel that way, it'll just be 2016 all over again.