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    Damned Pirates.

    Just lately I have seen more and more of these Facebook adverts from Bradford UK which honestly makes me sick. Nothing but theft and its the same people who are harvesting them making money from other people's hard work. I best not mention who are the main sellers because people will think I'm...
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    Indicator tweak from 3 flashes to 5

    Hi guy's, I have an Audi A8L 2017 model and wondered has anyone found a way / code to make the indicator flash 5 times instead of the default 3 flashes it does when you just "tap" the stick instead of the full click. Scan here for anyone who might be able to help please...
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    Coolant fan running when cold

    Hi guy's got a bit of a problem with my Audi A8L 2017 model Just recently I noticed the cooling fan running at high speed when I turn the engine off. Bizarre thing is when I go out in the morning to start the car stone cold as soon as I unlock the doors the fan starts at high speed also. Ran...
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    New user here asking the question

    Been a long time lurker here seeing what magic folks can do with the wonderful Ross-Tech VCDS HEX-V2 Professional UnlimitedVIN + Hard Case and Printed Manual so expecting a package delivered today from ilexa here in the UK. My question is like most surely worry about. I paid £70k for my 2017...