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    I tried to update the firmware but it even pull up the Wi-Fi box yo be able to search for ten Wi-Fi. The laptop is connected to Wi-Fi.
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    Spark Plug Defouler

    Any luck with using these on Audi cats?
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    Downstream O 2 Sensor

    On my 2003 Audi A4 cabriolet. How can you tell which is the downstream o2 sensor on bank 1? I see the diagram lists heated sensors and just regular ones. And I have a 3 way ? What the heck is that?
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    Cheapest Vendor for Legit Bosch part

    With all the junk parts out there. Who is the cheapest online vendor for Bosch parts that are legit?
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    Secondary Air Pump Insufficient Flow

    So now that I figured out the engine sensor issue. Now I am having issues with both secondary air pumps showing insufficient flows. I tried to get an auto scan but now it won’t run the tests and instead keeps saying abort. I will keep trying. Also of notes. The air mass it shows is -90% for...
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    P0321 Error Code

    Hello. Have an 03 Audi A4 and keep getting error code for implausible engine speed sensor. Put in a new Bosch one and works for a bit but then starts revvibg and then sets the code off again. Once the code goes back on. The car normally just cranks and won’t start. I can leave it sit for a...
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    SO i am still working on the evap code PO441. I decided to test the valve itself as i had seen videos of peoole testing the valves themselves. It sounds like it should hold a vacuum on the side that goes towards the engine. Mine does not. The part came from Amazon. Does that mean this part...
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    EVAP CODE P0441

    Just replaced the evap N80 but still get incorrevt flow. Does this mean the purge valve is crap or there another leak somewhere. It passes the leak test but fails and says evap is not ok
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    Cat Converters (2003 Audi A4)

    I have a 2003 Audi A4 Cabrio. I am just trying to prepare for emmissions testing un february. I have an evap issue and i also have a cat issue with bank 1. I run the tests and bank 2 is fine but the test keeps shutting off while trying to run bank 1. I have already got code P0421 but was...
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    Chop Suey

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    PCV Valve Noise 2003 Audi A4 Cabrio 3.0

    Hello. So i have replaced quite a few things in this car. Finally got the oil level light to go off and have the triptronic working again. But now i have an ongoing issue which i think is the pcv valve. I have replaced a number of bad air hoses as i had multiple leaks and issues with...
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    What part is this?

    I have a 2003 audi a4 cabrio and still get the oil leven Sensor error. Am on the 3ed sensor and all do the same thing. Change them out and clear code and as soon as i go the car get same error. Open ground to.short. read something about it could involve a hood switch sensor. Not sure if i...
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    PCV valve vent

    Hello. Has anyome issues with this part? I have noise that seems to be coming from this part. I have replacec it 3 times and it goes away after i replace but comes back soon after. No idea what else to do. No other other codes either.
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    Remote Starter 2018 Audi Q7

    So i was interested in putting a remote starter in my Audi. It seems ludicrous these cars cost what they do yey they add a simple feature. I heard many different reasons why so whatever. Can an aftermarket one be put in safely? I had an appt at Best Buy to put one in but the guy said he...
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    Downloading to new PC

    Hi get an error when trying to download vcds on a new pc. This pc has no normal usb drives only usb c drives. I got an adaptor to plug the hex into. It says i have to run a 64 bit version of DP.inst.exe? What is this?
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    Latest Update Fail

    What gives? Cant do anything with VCDS now. Needs firmware update. Wont connect to wifi to make update. No computer or internet issues whatsoever.
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    Tiptronic Fault PRND SOLID RED

    Hello i have been havung issues with the tiptronic for about a year as when the PRND is all solid the tiptronic would not work It wasnt on often so it wasnt a bother. VCDs just gives me the erro code the the tiptronic switch has an implausible signal. Now its pretty much like that all the...
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    Cant fill gas tank? Now this is a new one

    So i went to put gas in my 2003 audi a4 and the nozzle.kept.clicking at me. If i tried to pull the nozzle.out a bit to.get some it wont spit back out. I got about 6 gallons im bit ot took over 10 minutes. I didnt have an hour to fill it. I go have an evap code but ivehad for a.couple years...
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    AC Compressor

    So a couple of years ago my ac stopped blowing cold air in my 2003 audi a4 cabrio. I took it to a shop since i didnt know anything about ross tech or i thought it could be an actuator motor issue since i had that another car. They told me it was the compressor and said everything...
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    00975 Z1 Fault Code for Cabriolet

    Anyone have a cabrio that has had to change out the Z1part which is for the rear window heater? ERWIN shows where it generally is but the area is all enclosed by the top and window. I could not fund anywhere in th erwin manual where it says how to remove it and replace. I changed out the...