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  1. Robert-VW

    Retrofit ACC VW T6

    I have checked LHS buttons functionality in advanced measuring blocks. Normally four buttons respond accordingly (RES, SET, 0/1, CNL). Actually I have tried 3 sets of buttons all together. First 2 were second hand and 3rd one brand new. Both second hand produced same fault code and ACC...
  2. Robert-VW

    Tiguan fog lights

    Living in the RHD world I have purchased LHS rear lamp from the LHD market. Ran across the tailgate single wire and now the joy and the happiness is within me. Shame on VW for not sticking to the symmetrical approach on the rear lights.
  3. Robert-VW

    Want ESP/TC Button in my 2017 Caddy, abs mk100 coding?

    It works! Thank you. Shame that you have to choose via coding if you want ASR only off or ESC off.
  4. Robert-VW

    Retrofit ACC VW T6

    Thanks everyone for help. Problem has been resolved. Faulty LHS MFSW buttons 7E0 959 442 A (new set on order). ACC retrofit completed successfully :thumbs:
  5. Robert-VW

    Retrofit ACC VW T6

    Trying to complete ACC retrofit on 2017 VW T6 204PS RHD DSG 4MOTION panel van. Effectively it is going to be an upgrade from factory MFSW CCS to ACC. Originally without FRONT ASSIST so no radar but compatible ABS was already onboard. Correct MFSW buttons & radar have been installed. CP and...
  6. Robert-VW

    2019 VW Transporter T6.1 autofolding power mirrors

    Some VAG vehicles require mirror adjustment knob to be in L position for this function to work.
  7. Robert-VW

    VW t6 composition media

    Radar unit is also included in CP setup. See below.
  8. Robert-VW

    PDC screen on MIB2 - retrofitted mk5 golf.

    Any updates?
  9. Robert-VW

    13-Auto Dist. Reg -- Status: Cannot be reached 0100

    I would like to help you but rules must be obeyed.
  10. Robert-VW

    13-Auto Dist. Reg -- Status: Cannot be reached 0100

    You can perform some further diagnostics in a very easy way. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Remove the grill with VW logo and then you will be able to reach to the radar plug. Disconnect it and then switch ignition ON. As mentioned above by @iichel there are 4 wires. Identify power...
  11. Robert-VW

    MK100 ABS Coding

    I wish you would have the same solution for a T6 MK100 unit.
  12. Robert-VW

    MQB platform - Security Codes - work in progress

    55-Headlight Range 20103 15284 96428 Credit should go to @ciclo (Fernando):)
  13. Robert-VW

    Vas 721001

    Is this going to be of any help? Inkscape :)
  14. Robert-VW

    Vw polo 1.6. lost its abs coding.

    Let me guess, somebody tried to connect(plug in) another(different) instrument cluster?
  15. Robert-VW

    [PQ25] Fog Lights supported in 937 087?

    Absolutely correct but if you have OEM LED headlamps then the result is achieved. DRLs only ON in the front and sides ON in the rear :).
  16. Robert-VW

    MQB platform - Security Codes - work in progress

    @DV52 Don it is just typo but hurts my eyes :) 6D-Truck Electronics should actually read 6D-Trunk Electronics
  17. Robert-VW

    [PQ25] Fog Lights supported in 937 087?

    Fernando is the man :)