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  1. quailallstar

    2019 GTI (NAR) Drivers Door Won't open/close; odd VCDS fault codes

    Out of nowhere while driving I noticed that the alarm light (small red LED) in the door was flashing, the right side front and rear windows were not operating (via the driver's window controls) and the lock/unlock button was not operating. I ran a scan and pulled the following codes. Cleared...
  2. quailallstar

    MK7.5 NAR GTI - Enable static LED AFS lights when high-beams enabled?

    I often drive on very dark country roads at night and could use some additional side lighting. We have large deer and bears - something I don't want to hit going 85 mph/136 km/h. I've already coded my LED AFS NAR-spec headlights to enable foglamps on - with high beams (no issues. we don't have...
  3. quailallstar

    2019 NAR GTI Rabbit MIB2.5 Retrofit Completed. Have some 5F leftover errors.

    Merry Christmas everyone. All is perfect with the MIB2.5 setup with the 8" glass screen - including CP removal. Because my MIB2.5 unit came out of a 2019 Atlas SEL R-Line it still has some leftover programming I can't seem to un-code. See some VCDS errors below and someone let me know...
  4. quailallstar

    Wanted: Auto Scan - 2019 NAR GTI SE w/no Fender Audio

    If anyone has a 2019 NAR GTI SE w/no Fender Audio auto scan or 5F coding please share. I just successfully retrofitted a MIB2 unit with the 8" glass screen and HELIX audio into my 2019 GTI Rabbit and need the factory coding as a baseline. Thank you! :)
  5. quailallstar

    Enable ACC via VCDS on 2019 MK7.5 GTI with factory Front Assist w/Pedestrian Detect?

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to hack the NAR MK7.5 GTI via VCDS allowing us to enable ACC? The sensor is there on the lower level trim models (S, Rabbit & SE) behind the VW emblem so I don't see why we couldn't. Discuss!
  6. quailallstar

    MK7 -> MK7.5 LED Golf Variant Tail Lights Retrofit Coding Issue

    Don to the rescue? :D I followed the DIY outlined here to install the MK7.5 dunkel rear LED tail lights. Everything is working 100% except for this interesting observation. When the main dipped beams are on (On/AUTO) the inner right (passenger) lamp is completely OFF. It's not a wiring issue...
  7. quailallstar

    MIBII Speaker Faults?

    Speakers stopped working out of the blue yesterday. See faults below. Any suggestions as to what might be causing this? Tuesday,07,November,2017,05:34:06:39394 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20171026 DS283.3...
  8. quailallstar

    DIY: Re-code NAR Fender Sound --> Dynaudio Excite Sound System!

    Sooooooo using VCDS BETA 17.10 today I was finally able to mess around with the MIB-II some more. Come to find out something I've been wanting to accomplish since I purchased this car has now been done. I had already previously re-coded the head unit startup screen to say Dynaudio - Authentic...
  9. quailallstar

    Possible to enable NAR MY16 Golf Wagon Fog Light Blink with Front Turn Signal?

    Via VCDS is it possible to enable the fog lights to turn/blink at the same time as the amber turn signal bulb? If so I would find a way to tint the fog light amber in order to make it into a turn signal. :) I have bi-xenon factory lights.
  10. quailallstar

    MK7 NAR Golf Wagon Kencha Tails V2 recode?

    My tails are currently coded to have both the outer/inner flash together when turn signals or braking is applied (Thanks to Don a few months back). I'll add that I have 7740 red LED bulbs installed inside the NAR incandescent housings from which are a fraction of the cost...
  11. quailallstar

    MK7 Golf Wagon RLS coding issue?

    Can someone tell me if my unit RLS is coded incorrectly? When I have my lights on Auto they come on but never shut off when it's daylight out or bright outside. I do have my car coded to Scandanavian DRL's enabled - not sure if that affects the AUTO lights feature or not. Address 09: Cent...
  12. quailallstar

    VCDS - Enable Display of Gear while in D & S

    With the help of VCDS, I was able to make the current gear show up while in D & S modes on my MK7 NAR Golf wagon! ;) Address 02: Auto Trans (J217) Labels: 09G-927-749-V2.clb Part No SW: 09G 927 749 AP HW: 09G 927 749 AP Component: AISIN AG6 G3 129 2943 Coding...
  13. quailallstar

    MK7 Golf Rear Tail Light Tweek

    Check this out: A member posted this on another forum asking how this could be accomplished. I wouldn't mind having this coded either on my Golf wagon. Currently, I'm coded to have the third brake light flash when hazards are on or if rear tails are on...
  14. quailallstar

    Change MIBII Skin Colors

    While at the VW dealer I noticed the MIB II units in MY2017 vehicles had a blue skin color. Noticed the same thing on a recent 2017 Golf Sportwagen online review. Can 2017 owners please post their software version # and or VCDS coding? I'm wondering if the color of the radio menu skins can be...
  15. quailallstar

    "Key not in range!" message. Remote won't unlock, lock or start car...

    Well, I've finally been plagued by the "Key not in range!" Kessy bug of issues facing countless other MK7 owners - across the globe. Background info: I replaced remote 1's battery two weeks ago and it's been woking perfectly since. Until that point, my Kessy hatch opening was a true hit or...
  16. quailallstar

    Increase LED brightness on MK7 Golf mirror turn signals?

    When compared to the MK6 Golf, I find the MK7 Golf mirror turn signals to be very dim. Is this something that can be tweaked via VCDS?
  17. quailallstar

    MK7 Golf Sound Aktuator retrofit

    For some time now I've thought of picking up a used sound aktuator and harness for retrofit into my NAR Golf Wagon MY16. Does anyone have a wire diagram of the harness and where it terminates into the BCM???? If anything I can fabricate a harness and play around with coding in hopes of it...
  18. quailallstar

    Disable CARNET (NAR) Golf Sportwagen MY16

    Been searching and it looks like the only way to disable CARNET from "calling home" is to physically unplug the box. Many have wondered if VCDS could somehow disable this feature without the need of removing the actual CARNET unit from behind the instrument cluster. Details here...
  19. quailallstar

    Change ambient temperature trigger to enable side mirror heating?

    One thing that drives me nuts is how the side heated mirrors only come on at a specific exterior ambient temperature. Can't recall what the temperature is off hand, but I'm hoping that the temperature range can be adjusted via VCDS? Living in Florida - it's humid and above 75F just about 85%...
  20. quailallstar

    Enable "Travel Mode" to be enabled/disabled on NAR Golf 7 via MIBII?

    This is a standard menu option on Euro / ROW vehicles equiped with bi-xenon lights. Is there a way to have NAR Golf 7 via VCDS have this option appear under lights in the MIBII? Example: Take my car to the bahamas and they drive on the opposite side of the road. Flip the option and lights become...