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  1. dieseldub

    GOP-funded Maricopa county recount affirms Trump loss

    And, not only does it affirm Trump's defeat, they actually say their recount shows Trump lost by a wider margin than the official results stated. Bigger question, will those who believe in the Trump lie about election fraud eventually come around to reality? Or is the grift going to continue...
  2. dieseldub

    2015 NMS Passat ESP OFF button retrofit

    I had a customer request retrofitting of parking sensors, fancy Chinese headlights and an ESP off button on his 2015 Passat TDI SE (with a manual, no less) last week. Got it all done. Only real struggle is I have yet to find OE buttons that actually fit that console. From what I can tell, this...
  3. dieseldub

    College football!

    For whatever reason, college football has become a guilty pleasure of mine. I know, it's not the pros. But for some reason it's more interesting. Maybe it's part history (been playing the game for over 100 years, well before the establishment of the NFL), pageantry, trash talking and the whole...
  4. dieseldub

    Hello--and an automated readiness setting tip

    Hi all, long time lurker (and VCDS user--on my second Hex-CAN USB cable) and decided to finally participate and contribute some. I started working on VWs on the side, full time gig being an alignment technician and general service guy at a tire shop when I lived in Michigan. I eventually moved...