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    2011 vw t5 transporter wiper wiring diagram

    Wipers stopped working, need a wiring diagram for wiper motor and column stalk switch.......
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    Dpf issues

    Soot mass calculated before regen was 11.6g, 0.35g after, but soot mass measured was 24.6g before regen, 32.8g after? Dpf differential pressure is 1hPa ignition on engine off, 41hPa at idle. Offset is 1hPa. Normal or not. Had blocked pressure sensor pipe on dpf week ago..... sensor G450...
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    P02CB00 fault code, limp mode

    Transporter 2011, 2.0 biTdi 4motion CFCA engine. 171000 miles. Had dpf light and coil light come on whilst driving to airport (150miles). Limp mode. Had vw roadside assistance come out, ws blocked dpf filter ( and dpf pressure differential sensor pipe), turbo pressure too low. Fault codes...