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    Enabling Adaptive Lane Tracking on NAR Golf 7 R

    The Lane Assist feature of my MY2016 NAR Golf 7 R seems to be pretty mild. Left to its own devices, the car often "ping pongs" between lines until the "hands off" timer gives up and asks the driver to take control. I've recently been playing around with the A5 control module and I found this...
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    NAR Golf 7 R: Coming Home/Leaving Home lights using DRLs only

    It took me a while to figure this one out, but I'm pretty proud of it. I've developed a VCDS tweak to change the Coming Home/Leaving Home (CH/LH) lights to use only the DRLs. The dual "U" DRLs are set at maximum brightness, while both the HID and side marker lights are removed from the CH/LH...
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    Coding and Understanding Single-Sided Parking Lights for 5Q NAR (Canada) Golf R MY16

    I have a NAR (Canada) Golf R MY16. I've been working to get ROW functionality with turn-signal activated, single-sided parking lights (SSPL). While trying to figure this out, I encountered a few hurdles that encouraged me to explore the BCM adaptations a little further. It turns out you can...