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  1. ak77

    A3 Audi TDI BMN engine - Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor Issue

    Hi team and happy Easter everyone. I need some help with my Audi A3 TDI BNM Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1 . My engine check light comes up every 20km of driving. I have replaced with new component but still get the same error. I have carried out measuring block tests on both old and new sensor...
  2. ak77

    Audi Help, A4 TDI BNM engine Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1

    Hi team, Happy Easter everyone. I need some help with my Audi A3 TDI BNM Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor B1 S1 . I have replaced the new component but still get the same error. I have carried out measuring block tests on both old and new sensor and get similar operating readings. Checked all wiring...
  3. ak77

    VW Passat 2014 Tdi130KW - Help with Relay / Fuses diagrams

    Hi gents, I'm having an issue with my 2014 TDi VW Passat. I can't keep my long beams up , reverse cam doesn't activate and Windshield Washer Pump don't activate. I'm under impression this would be a relay issue as all 3 don't work . VCDS only gives me an error for Windshield Washer Pump? I...
  4. ak77

    EGR Issue on Mk6 GTD

    Hi Team, I'm having an issue with my mk6 GTD for the last week or so, where the car after a certain amount of km traveled goes in to limp mode and drops RPM. Flashing glow plug appears but no MIL light. Wife drives it to work and at end of shift starts the car no problem and doesn't experience...
  5. ak77

    Air Conditioning Hissing issue

    Hi team, I have just started to use my AC as its getting hotter down under. Noticed my AC isn't blowing as it did last year and has this hissing sound coming out of the central vents. The adjusting the vent results in +- noise levels. Only driver/window side vent is sending cold air. Its...
  6. ak77

    Bulb for License-Plate Light (X) 014 - Defective - Intermittent

    Hi Team, Can someone please help me with this issue. I have had a bulb go off on my MK6 GTD I have replaced with new 12V as the one I removed. Only now I'm still getting the same error come up on dash asking to check the bulb for license plate. Both bulbs work. Also VCDS is still picking up...
  7. ak77

    G28 Speed Snsor Issue

    Hi guys, I'm having another issue s with My GTD Mk5 Golf. The car wont turn on at first key turn , feels like low battery start (full charge). Second crank last bit longer but it turns on after 5 seconds. This behavior is constant regardless weather or not car is hot or cold. Car has power and...
  8. ak77

    AUDI A3 _BMN engine (2007) - HELP

    Hi guys, I need help with my A3 Diesel Audi BNM engine. It has number of issues it seems but not logging all of them in the scan. 1. Glow plugs heater Spiral icon flashing constantly. 2. Engine mil light on constantly ( goes of when engine drives) 3. ESP Fault lights flashing on dash constantly...
  9. ak77

    RCD510 Radio error code in instrument cluster

    Hi guys, Can someone help with this code. Is this critical, as I was experiencing battery drain on my Mk5 GT golf. I have installed the same list on Can bus as previous install but now have this . I may still have the darin issue, not sure? Can someone suggest how to clean this error from...
  10. ak77

    Terminal 15 - MK5 2l Golf Fsi - No mill light?

    Hi guys, I bought second hand golf Mk5 2l Fsi and it keeps going in the limp mode. Also it seems when that happens the mill light (engine check light) does not come up on dash.. It seems the mill light has been disconnected (it never comes up or is it visible). The car starts and engine runs...
  11. ak77

    Fuel Pump Relay (J17) /Glow Plug / Speed Sensor -2007- VW Golf MK5 Tdi BMN (engine)

    Hi everyone, Hope someone can shed some light on this for me please. First to start off by saying that I still drive this car on regular basis bout 100km per day and I had it for about 3 years now. The car produces normal power when and opens up great on the freeway. Lately it has problem...
  12. ak77

    Help Coding Can Bus - Gateway

    Hi guys, could someone please help me with coding of the Gateway / Can bus. Are there any instructions or links I can read up on ? Help appreciated in advance. Al
  13. ak77

    EGR Block

    Hi guys, Just wondering if there is any help (instructions how to ) with blocking EGR on VW golf BMN engine. Does the ECU need to be re-mapped for this action and further more if this is doable with VCDs? Cheers Al
  14. ak77

    Golf MK5 GTD BMN problem?

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can offer some assistance here. I have had this GTd golf now for 2 years and it seems cursed with electrical issues. Everything from injector failure to interior lighting. I have ironed out much of it but yesterday the car stopped and wont turn on. Last thing...
  15. ak77

    Help with Code B1041 33 (009) Signal Low Time OIL LEVEL THERMAL SENSOR

    Hi Guys, please help explain this fault code: Code B1041 33 (009) Signal Low Time > maximum OIL LEVEL THERMAL SENSOR Can someone shed some light on this. Can not seem to find any info on this. Is it straight oil sensor replacement. Oil icon just flashes on the start then goes away. Only...
  16. ak77

    Code Definitions

    Hi, I'm just wondering if there are such things as code definitions. I'm fairly new to this but would like to know if there are explanations for such things as : Open or Short to Plus? Cheers Al
  17. ak77

    J519 ? Dual pump washer and rear wiper (GT Tdi Mk5) not working

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my GT golf. My rear wiper, dual washer pump and cigaret lighter don't work. My front wipers work just fine. I have tested all my fuses and they all work. I pulled the washer pump out and tested on 12V independent and found the pump to be operational just fine...
  18. ak77

    Jetta Mk5 Park Assist sensors not working - No Signal/Communication

    Hi Guys, My Jetta park sensors (front/back) don't work. Rear bumper was originally refitted after small accident (scratch). Fist time the codes didn't appear. After second scan I only had two sensors at rear show as problematic. Now its all 4. Continuous beep as car reverses. Have to push "P"...