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    Octavia FL RS 3 - Adaptation of lights

    Hello All, I was surprised today from Octavia 3 RS FL. First at all a tried to do simply adaptation for cornering with fogs and also light up fog lights when car reverse . What was surprised for me as second point (example below) was that almost all lights functions were not activated / assigned...
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    Audi A6 C7 allroad - Problem with sunroof retractable blind

    Hello All, I would like ask you , if you have some experiences with my problem. At audi A6 C7 Allroad is problem with sunroof retractable blind . Without any action approx. every few minutes it move 5cm and back . i dont really where can be problem . scan attached ...
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    Audi R8 4S (2018) vcds tweaks ?

    Hello All, I have question what did you code on Audi R8 (4S) via vcds ? Some tips for features ? thanks a lot.
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    Golf 7 - Parking and day light deactivated via obd11

    Hello Colleagues, At this car was modification something via obd eleven or how it is called . Car is GOLF 7 2014. Problem is that in phase 0 or AUTO doesnt work DRL and parking lights .It is halogen version of lights. Light looks as configured well ,so i expect that somewhere is another settings...
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    Superb 3 and code lane assist

    Hello everybody. I would like ask you if mentioned car have all necessary HW for coding of line assist or not .It is superb 3v 2016.Is it enough A5 camera or not ? please check autoscan too. Thursday,28,February,2019,10:15:47:43301 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 8.1...
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    Superb 3 -wrong adaptation and coding

    Hello All, My friend have a problem after some modification of ecu 09 and 17 with scroll button at steering wheel. Possible and working push the button but not scroll . My question is where are stored information about settings or adaptation for it ? I expected that i can found it under 09 . Do...