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    6R polo ABS coding help

    I have got 6R polo,the ABS has been replaced by other garage to second hand. The guy gave me the old original ABS unit, The original has AB letters but the "new" has S letter. The coding string copy does not work. Even I can see the HW are the same only the SW level is...
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    Skoda Octavia III water sensor in fuel filter house

    Hi guys. I have general question: I would like to add water sensor to this car above. In ETKA I have find this option.And I have find in ElsaWin the sensor at engine wiring.So it's wired to engine ECU.But I can't find any option at long coding.( I never seen car with this sensor in life) I can...
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    6R polo steering angle basic setting

    Hi guys. I have 6R polo,with ESP 9.0 I can't see in ABS (03) any option of G85 adaptation.(the 40168 login accepted) I only see G85 basic setting option only in 04 (steering angle sensor),but security access need for it. Some body know this login code? Thank you!
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    VW Caddy 2013 ABS long coding help (MK60EC1)

    Hi guys I'm newbie on this forum,but not on cars...:) The reason I ask this because the old ABS is dead so no comm at all, and I won't open the second hand unit as I did with old and read the 25320 eeprom,because it will lose warranty... So here is my full scan.This car is RHD. Thank you for...