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    Audi sq5 intermittent fault

    hi guys i have an Audi SQ5 with an intermittent fault the car drives good randomly clocks go dead steering goes heavy and loses comms with Abs/clocks/active steering/ andparking brake the car stays running and can still drive then all of the sudden its all ok. Steering rack been changed. I have...
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    VW PASSAT 2014 2.0TDI Running Rough in morning

    hi guys a vw passat 2014 2.0 tdi which is running very rough only when cold in the morning. smokes and rattles also misfires after 15/20 mins the car is back to normal and runs perfect again.. there are no fault codes does anyone have the data for what the measuring blocks should be on fuel and...
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    Changed BCM from MK7.5 Golf to MK7 few errors help needed

    hi guys i have changed a mk7 bcm to mk7.5 everything is working i have a few errors the remote will not lock the doors it unlocks fine was working on the other bcm maybe a frequency error or the bcm is from a 5 doors as faults show rear door lock module no comms but my car is a 3 door i cant see...
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    VW passat parking brake fault 2012

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chassis Type: 3C-VW46 (7N0) Scan: 01 03 08 09 15 16 17 19 25 2E 37 42 44 46 4F 52 53 56 61 62 65 72 VIN...
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    MK7.5 adaptions BCM help

    hi guys im retrofitting a mk7.5 BCM to a MK7 i need to change a few options My car has keyless start need to activate this and electric steering lock, also need to add electric sunroof also my car is manual and boot now not opening with ignition on so far changed these to active...
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    MK7.5 bcm adaptions help

    hi guys i have fitted a 7.5 BCM in mk7 everythings working fine as i hard wired rear led lights too but indicator is flashing fast with errors Thursday,25,January,2018,17:28:24:00772 VCDS Version: Release 17.8.1 Running on Windows 7 x86 Address 09: Cent...
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    vcds cable obd socket replacement?

    hi guys where can i get a plastic housing for the part that plugs into the obd? i have the hex + can
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    Golf MK7.5 BCM Adaptations Help Urgent Please

    Hi guys i have i a mk7 golf i have retrofitted rear tail lights from MK7.5 Facelift and also used the BCM from 7.5 problem is 7.5 BCM codings are all 000000's and have to enable things via adaptations. Does anyone know where the option is on for automatic transmission ? in the mk7 bcm the...
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    Retrofit MK7.5 taillights and headlights on to mk7 golf

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has retrofitted the new mk7.5 front and rear lights to mk7 golf i know about the audimant adapters etc but anyone done without? whats involved? i know its been done but not sure how and whats involved wires need to be fed into the bcm for the rear lights any info...
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    2015 mk7 vw golf pan roof retrofit

    hi guys i have a 2015 mk7 vw golf which has had a new roof on it with pan roof.. i have wired the roof as it should be to the Central electrics (pin outs from elsa). i have selected the coding in there for the roof module and i can get it to work via basic settings and output tests but cant get...
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    hi from sunny Yorkshire Uk

    Hi guys glad to be here hope to help and be helped but most of all make friends see you in the forums >:)