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    How can i check my battery state of charge,how good/bad it is etc?

    Your measurements do not represent battery voltage at rest. Your car is very much "awake" and drawing 11.5 amps from battery. To check real rest voltage, leave your car sitting with hood open and ignition off, wait at least few hours or over night. Then measure battery voltage with a multimeter.
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    Help understanding Long Coding Helper bit codes

    They are so called PR-codes.
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    BCM Coding all Zeros

    (7) Put away your computer, navigate to your vehicle settings and perform a factory reset to light settings to get this actually working. :)
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    Audi A3 2016, AAA Battery Coding

    Apart from auto scan, your photos also reveal that your car does not have battery control module. If it did, the module that measures battery current would sit on your battery negative pole. There is no such module present. Also, your measuring channel "IDE01836 - Battery current" shows 0.000 A...
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    ABS Issue - VW MK6

    This question remains to be answered. I've seen more than one case where new wheel speed sensors are installed and still throwing different fault codes. Until OEM parts are installed, they seem to make the fault codes disappear. :p
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    Ignition Active Message, Actuator ------ No Display

    First time I've heard about this kind of behaviour. My both MQB cars (MY14 A3 and MY17 Kodiaq) with this "No Display" adaptation keep silent when I open driver's door. Doesn't matter if engine is running or not. Maybe it's different in MY20 cars then?
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    2015 Audi A3 - No AWD engagement

    There is also this case with similar fault code, where the problem was inside haldex unit. Broken seal was causing pressure loss and thus the clutch was not engaging properly. Unfortunately it's in finnish, but the picture of broken part can be seen in this message...
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    2015 Audi A3 - No AWD engagement

    Just to be sure, did you have engine running while doing this? It needs to be in order to success. Also it might have some requirement for brake pedal, but I can't recall did it have to be pressed or not pressed. Maybe try both ways to see if anything changes.
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    Skoda Kodiak, Dipping mirrors when reversing??

    I believe that DLA has (at least yet) never been an option in Kodiaq so your car probably doesn't have that. Only possible option is the automatic change between dipped beam and high beam, no beam pattern adjusting.
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    Skoda Kodiaq MY17, auto-hold connection to driver profile

    My Kodiaq has three keys and three different driver profiles attached to those keys. This is nice, since almost every setting is connected to profiles, no need to do manual adjustments to mirrors, seats etc. Except for one thing. Auto-hold does not seem to remember it's setting. If you leave it...
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    Skoda Kodiaq MY17 electric child lock retrofit

    I started to investigate how hard would it be to retrofit electronically operated rear door child safety locks to Kodiaq. Car has almost every other option installed from factory, but these are missing. Car has PR code 4H3 "Manual child safety lock". 4H5 would be the electrically operated...
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    Skoda Kodiaq steering wheel temp sensor fault

    291104 - Temperature Sensor for Heated Steering Wheel B1455 01 [008] - Electrical Failure Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear Any information or clues about this one? It's not very cold (yet) here, so I am unaware how the heating performs under really cold...
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    2017 Skoda Kodiaq 2.0TDI DFHA

    Tuesday,20,August,2019,20:08:15:26429 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows XP x86 VCDS Version: HEX-V2 CB: 0.4505.4 Data version: 20190529 DS308.0 VIN: TMBLK7NS9H8028838 License Plate: Mileage: 96380km-59887mi Repair Order...
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    2002 Audi A4 3.0 V6 ASN misfiring, fuel trim stays zero?

    I was helping out to find out why this poor V6 ASN engine is misfiring BADLY on bank 2. With engine idling, cylinders 4-5-6 generate misfirings faster than I can read them out. Bank 1 cylinders 1-2-3 stay at zero. Has new coils and plugs. No other fault codes than misfires (see scan at bottom)...
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    VW Transporter 2016 - remote retrofit for factory webasto?

    My friend recently upgraded his van, bought this 2016 Transporter. It has factory installed auxiliary heater with options for timed pre-heating, but no remote control. What would we need in order to retrofit remote control? Some hardware should be installed, I presume? Or is it possible that...
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    A3 8V 1.8TFSI CJSB running cold

    Engine won't reach normal operating temperatures, is there any other good guesses than replacing the engine temperature control actuator? I don't know if the log file below is readable, but it looks like this: Car was running at little higher than idle rpm at...
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    VIN, why the secrecy?

    I've noticed that many people delete VIN from their auto-scans. Why is that? What bad things can happen, if others get to know the VIN of some car? I mean, they are nowadays readable at the bottom of windscreen from any car standing in parking lot?
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    Touran 1.6TDI CRKB DSG, gear selector problems

    Having some problems with DSG gear selector. While driving, car has few times shown error on instrument panel, stating that one must put gear on Park before leaving car, or something like that. Module 16 showing: 617752 - Selector Lever Park Position Lock Switch B1162 29 [024] -...
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    Audi A3 8V MMI firmware update, possible to do via SD-card?

    Is it possible to update MMI firmware via SD card, or do I have to take car to dealership for this? I recall seeing some menu item about updating, but where can one obtain files needed? Are they available through erwin? I came across this...
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    Audi A4 8K, turning off "ignition on" beep when opening door

    Is it really not possible to turn off that annoying beeping? I mean that which comes when ignition is on and you open driver door. It can be muted after couple of beeps by pressing button on wiper stalk, yes, but would be really great if it didn't even start at first place. Has anyone had any...