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    Webasto not working good

    Then the circulation pump was replaced and now the webasto works again, only this one needed to be replaced. So thanks for the answers and help :):thumbs:
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    Webasto not working good

    Hi, do not start webasto on the car here. I get it resolved after it had locked, when I try to start webasto it starts now but no heat comes from it. hope someone has some idea what I can do here:confused: Then I wonder if there is a sensor that is defective or is it something else. comes up...
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    ABS sensor

    Hi now I have another problem that I can't get completely resolved. So now I almost have to ask here on the world's best forum :) again. Has replaced ABS sensor without help on the rear right side. Should buy a new abs sensor and try and see if it helps. However, the System Function Test has...
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    Open armor

    Hey I don't get the hood of a caddy 2013 mod. looks the surface that the wire has gone off. This happened after the alternator switch. So, I wonder how I can get it up from the outside? Sunday,13,October,2019,17:48:50:36574 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS...
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    Led lighting inside Golf 7

    Hi I bought a new old golf 7 for a week ago I went into the mey on the player scrolling to the interior light to adjust the interior light. That's how the strip suffered on their doors and over the glove compartment. When I adjusted the light, the light ceased to be the light between the airbag...
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    Audi tt 8n Stops cheating

    Hi i am struggling to find the error on my Audi tt 8n. Yesterday the stopped car got some error codes, it stopped coughing and jumping. I unplugged lmm it starts then. Purchased new lmm hooked it on and the blen was left foolish again. So the car goes into distress when the switch is off and...
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    Adjust rims

    Audi tt 8n 2000 mod one rim is inclined so that it tears on the outer edge of the tire. How to adjust it on an audi tt 8n. It's almost 3-4 mm. This was after putting on the summer deck. So I don't really know what happened here?
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    Audi tt 8n Stops cheating

    hey i got some trouble with my audi tt 8n At first it would not start when it got hot after short stops got up g28 sensor, bought new to replace it tomorrow. Then it began to cheat after 60 miles of driving and died when I switched, so after 30 minutes it stopped. When the car is about half an...
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    Sorry if this does not fit into the shape of the thread but seek help for a good caus

    hi my friends here. Can you help me on this. It is so that one has an audi 200 q from 1985. he has the hat car from it what new. the problem here that he has been fooling many vergste has taken about 15,000 thousand norwegian kr and the car looks like a sting. He's been deceived man is now 90...
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    Audi A3 Spends a lot of gasoline . 16555 - Fuel Trim; Bank 1

    Hi, I have an A3 1.6 gasoline. Today I drove 80 miles with it. When I had come halfway on my trip, it had used a lot of thought. There was no engine lamp or something like light. I realized it went a bit odd at idle. I got deleted the error drove further checked with diagnosis after 4 hours...
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    Airbag fault

    Hello. What is the error here, you can not delete this error, Is the airbag modete defective? Or is it possible and get the code about it What can I try to do with this. Does anyone know what's wrong with it? Wednesday,28,November,2018,18:10:20:36574 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator...
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    Turn off auto hold VW Tiguan

    Hi, I'm new here. I live in Norway so sorry for my bad writing in English. What I wonder is to disable auto team on vw tiguan as this switch has failed twice it has been replaced before, there are enough weaknesses on that switch then. Is it possible and deactivate this without any trouble. Is...