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    01 TT 225 Instrument Cluster Illumination

    Hello Group! Wondering if it's possible to disable the solar sensor (assuming that is what controls the dimming) on a 01 TT. basically, when it's bright out, the clock/odo seem to get very dim (headlights off) and was wondering if there is a fixed setting that would leave them at maximum...
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    VCDS cable KKL 409.1 (don't shoot!)

    hi gang. I don't expect much help here, but want to support Ross Tech if at all possible. Please, bear with me... there is a open source Subaru diagnostic/data logging program called ecuExplorer. it requires a vag-com cable KKL 409.1 (from what I gather) I currently have a Hex+CAN cable (legit...
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    Trouble with pop up's/baloons

    pretty sure it's a settings issue on my end. running windows 10 fwiw. went to replace a G200 and had to do the log in. enter the log in code and never got the "log in accepted" pop up. being a new user and not wanting to do anything bad, I had a friend link in with teamviewer to walk me thru...
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    01 TT 225 cluster questions

    hi! n00b here, so please bear with me. been a tech for volvo for a long time, so I know enough to know when i'm up to no good :D here is an auto scan: Monday,02,September,2019,21:06:45:51893 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data...