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    Golf VII gateway upgrade and MFSW retrofit

    But MFSW should work on this 5K0907530T/M ?? Wonder if geko gonna parametrize it and next I can code it for MFSW. Will check and report.
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    Golf VII gateway upgrade and MFSW retrofit

    So I must flash gateway with proper .frf matching VCP .zdc file to do parametrization ?? And I must do it before Geko ??
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    Golf VII gateway upgrade and MFSW retrofit

    CP and Fec ok but parametrization restore all values from original one and I want to do MFSW retrofit. So you say that after I do CP, Fec, parametrization I have to update it to AF, AJ ?? Or first flash it and then Geko ??
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    Golf VII gateway upgrade and MFSW retrofit

    Hi Guys... This is my first gateway upgrade to high in MQB so I must ask some questions :) I ordered 5Q0907530T/M High gateway. As I know after CP will be done I must parametrize gateway properly. I must read admap from old gateway and write it to new high one ?? I have VCP and for Golf VII...
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    VW T5 CCS retrofit interior light BCM upgrade issue

    Ok. I'll try it tomorrow. Thx.
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    VW T5 CCS retrofit interior light BCM upgrade issue

    Ok but why BCM throws only M29 foult and not reverse bulb and M30 from right side dipped beam ??
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    VW T5 CCS retrofit interior light BCM upgrade issue

    Yes I know but there was no used 087 only 089 available. Why it throws only M29 foult and no other bulbs ?? I sit on wiring diagrams for a while now but there are a lot of versions depending on year in T5... For me it is unclear why after adding this two extra power feed cables BCM react on...
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    VW T5 CCS retrofit interior light BCM upgrade issue

    Hi to all retrofit Maniacs ;) Lately I retrofitted CCS in VW T5. All was ok but interior lights didnt work. I found out that I need to add to BCM extra feed which I did ( T73a/63 T73b/68 from SA9) Now interior light is working properly but as soon as I turn on lights or reverse gear foult pops...
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    Transporter T5 GP & BCM, problems with long code helper

    Hi.. I didnt want to make new thread so I ask here... Somebody knows what to rewire/add after BCM upgrade in VW T5 (no interior lights)?? Old BCM 7H0937086D, new one 7H0937089D. Rgs.
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    "New" HEX-NET device question

    Hi.. I have two questions about new HEX-NET device... 1. Does it support coding helper in new modules ?? (cars 2016-2019) 2. What is VIN function ?? Rgs.
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    Virtual cockpit swap A4/Q5

    Hi Guys... Just swapped Virtual Cockpit dash in A4 8W 8W5920790 0275SW- Ori A4 to 8W5920790 0371SW-Q5. CP online ok and all coding to fit A4 also ok. One thing is wrong and cant do it online. There are foults stored in few modules about CAN missing message and in dash about software development...
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    A3 8V ACC retrofit

    Hi Guys. I have A3 8V for ACC retrofit. Here is full autoscan. It is in Polish but I guess part numbers are priority. Part numbers that I have: Lever: 8V0953521KF Radar: 5Q0907561D Camera: 3Q0980654 Question is are this parts gonna fit and work and do I need to change gateway and...
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    Seat Mii strange behaviour after dash swap

    Hello. Recently I swapped dash in Seat Mii. All ok and afterwards did G85 basic settings no problem. Had to do mileage to match original one. Did it and unplug dash for 30s. Steering wheel icon pops up so I thought I do basic setting once more but procedure failed. Now I cant do G85 basic...
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    A4 8E 2002 CCS not working after engine swap

    Hi Guys... I have customer who bought this car after someone swapped engine from 2,5 AKE to 1.9 AVF and gearbox was also changed from automatic to manual. Everything works fine and no foults but CCS is not working. All coding is ok. I checked all signals and had to repair only clutch pedal...
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    Superb II 2.0 CR ABS Coding Lost

    Hi. I've played with dash and lost ABS coding. Didn't save autoscan. Tried a lot of coding versions. This one was accepted by ABS module but there are some errors due to wrong coding I suppose ?? The best thing is that I've tried ODIS online Geko SVM coding and it doesnt do it because of other...
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    VW EOS sliding foof issue.

    VW EOS sliding roof issue. Hi to all :) My first post on this forum :) I have VW EOS 2008 with roof issue. I have no DTC stored and when I want to open roof I get comunicate on dash: "Close sliding roof". I study great Ross Tech manual for EOS roof and 12 bit code match so all hall senders...