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  1. Jetta 97

    Refurb ecm installation question- 2005 Audi A6 quattro, 3.2L

    I can say you have 100% bad ECU , It can not be reach with VCDS at all, and some other modules do not have communication with ECU. The ECU they send you it is not Refurbish , it is most likely USED ECU they paint and Announced as Refurbish. I wish I saw this early , I am in DFW area, and you...
  2. Jetta 97

    Audi A3 8P 2010 Cylinder Disabling/ Misfire P130A P0303

    What Spark plugs did you put in and where did you get them?
  3. Jetta 97

    Catalytic Converter - reset "readiness" for emission tests on 2005 Audi TT 3.2

    Same here , from my long term experience VW will never take aftermarket CAT for good. Some will hold up 6 to moths and that is most I have seen, some will never work . ONLY Original VW CAT will work .
  4. Jetta 97

    Lamborghini Huracan Gearbox Adapt

    What you asking in not VCDS job. You need to talk to TUNER to tune transmission software for more HP and Torque.
  5. Jetta 97

    Passat B6 Radiator Fan Control Module 2

    Both fans need to be working at same time, Most likely you have Bad fan and that will be Small fan that usually go bad.
  6. Jetta 97

    MkV R32 Manual idle adjustment, need security access code

    The question is why you want to do this? There is nothing wrong with Stock idle, I have test many R32 and not seen any problem with it .
  7. Jetta 97

    ECM Issues

    With flat battery it can be that some modules got data corrupted , Flat battery is really bad thing to do in new car , Modules are very sensitive and most of the time they get corrupted. As UWE mention clear all codes to see what will come back. But before that drive car short distance to start...
  8. Jetta 97

    Cluster Swap

    I can help with immo delete . For Cluster adaptation , it is possible that someone before was working on cluster and somehow lock out adaptation , I have seen this before ,and only way to adopt it as mention above is to do it manual way with eeprom. You can send me message for Immo delete or...
  9. Jetta 97

    Audi A4 2006, Key reprogramming

    Immobilizer is separate function of remote control in that car so programing remote it will not mess with immobilizer. But if remote was working before and stop , that probablywill be bad remote .
  10. Jetta 97

    Interesting problem with my 2000 a6

    Not Really , you can have defective K-line communication and car will still run.
  11. Jetta 97

    Interesting problem with my 2000 a6

    It is possible that you have bad ECu or broken wire form Cluster W-Line to ECU K-Line. Here is this pin out of cluster K-Line and W-line: K-Line is pin 28 Green connector W-Line is Pin 5 Green connector .
  12. Jetta 97

    2011 Jetta SportWagen, 2.0 TDI CJAA 6MT

    I would say because it is still somehow Radio unit .
  13. Jetta 97

    Immobilizer issue

    Not on this key , mk6 key stile has no glass transponder , it is little micro with antenna at top.
  14. Jetta 97

    B6 Passat Rain Close (R36)

    Windows closed . Then after that Test it with windows down . Also check in your Convince Menu is it Rain sensor On:
  15. Jetta 97

    2001 Allroad, 6MT swap and other...

    Go to 01-Engone 07-Coding and you will get screen like this , just put numbers that UWE suggested : But even with Auto transmission coding you should be bale to Crank, so you missing something in your wiring , like Clutch pedal signal and something similar.
  16. Jetta 97

    Immo Agrument

    When I was saying that A4 cluster has to be set to factory Virgin state 04 to be able to adopt it to car , you were denied me, now you doing same thing. Why you did not adopt it in 06 State? That was his problem at first place why he could not ADOPT IT , but of course you will contradict this.
  17. Jetta 97

    MK6 cluster LED lighting like MK4

    Someone want to have Mk6 cluster look as older Mk4 , so I did it , let me know what you think guys!!!!!!!!!!! In reality looks much better then on picture.
  18. Jetta 97

    2006 Jeta TDI with MK6 Color premium cluster , MK6 MFSW and RNS 315

    2006 Jetta TDI with MK6 Color premium cluster , MK6 MFSW and RNS 315 I manage to make it work in my 2006 Jetta TDI MK6 Color premium cluster , MK6 MFSW and RNS 315. I had to update Can gateway and MFS to make it all working correct. Anyone interested in this retrofit you can contact me direct...
  19. Jetta 97


    Just to give some tips about oil. You HAVE TO use Synthetic oil because of the many reasons in new cars. -One and most important reason is Temperature. Any oil except synthetic will basically cook in engine. Why is that , bacuse those engines get oil temperature very high sometimes 600-700 F (...