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    MK60EC1 Swap recode.

    Dear Ross-Tech Users, I am fitting the H46 MK60EC1 to the golf mk6. Now ive tried using my old coding and adding 73 and 6A for byte 19 VCDS scan after swap. Wednesday,25,November,2020,10:49:18:10011 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64)...
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    Golf 6 and ACC

    Gerben, We're close to each other. I've retrofitted multiple Golf Mk6 with ACC. Including lane assist etc. Please shoot me a message for more info.
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    MIB PQ Colour

    Where are you based? I still have a Composition Media PQ laying around. No navigation but does have App-Connect.
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    One Touch window operations broken

    Yes it does. Measurements blocks also show the switches operate normally. I can’t think of any other then the modules died but both?
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    One Touch window operations broken

    This still did not provide any results. The weird thing is it happened to both doors. Seperate modules and both failed simultaneously.
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    One Touch window operations broken

    None of the above steps fixed it. I've already tried allot of this combinations. It's just insane all signals are there and output tests does the job fine.
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    One Touch window operations broken

    Up every time? Just 3 times the same step. Ive already done allot of that combinations.
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    One Touch window operations broken

    Dear Ross-Tech users, I am having this issue where my One-Touch window functionality has failed. No fault codes and the ends are learned. If i run the output tests trough VCDS all operations succeed successfully and aswell I've checked the readings from the window operation buttons which range...
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    Golf MK6 Adaptive Cruise Control Retrofit

    Hello everyone, I have an issue where i am currently retrofitting ACC to my MK6 Golf 1.2 TSI. The issue is that i can't find anything to code in my ECU that should enable ACC in my engine. Anyone that knows a trick that I can able ACC in my ECU? Full AutoScan...