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    Q7 auto gearbox mileage

    Hi was told a while back that it is possible to check the mileage of the car through the gearbox as a way to identify if someone has in the past doctored the clocks of the car to show a lower mileage but struggling to find any details on how this is done Thanks in advance
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    2011 seat leon fog driving lights

    hi folks someone i know is wanting his fog lights as driving lights on his 2011 seat leon now from what i have red the ccm needs to be coded into Scandinavian mode but when going into the section via vcds it says to be very careful as you can screw up the module. any advice on achieving this...
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    A4 B8 dynamic steering issue

    hi looking for some help next door neighbours car just threw light on for the dynamic steering i can connect to all ecu's. I have logged in and tried a steering angle sensor re-calibration but issue still here any advise Wednesday,21,November,2018,19:23:35:44553 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    A4 rb4 def fault

    hi looking for help regarding clocks i stupidly bought a blue code reader off a ell known auction site to help me retrieve the skc code so i can add keys for car as only got the one. while going through the pages i managed to get a DEF fault. i have since managed to get my skc code via another...
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    2004 2.5 tdi login code

    hi looking to adjust my egr settings on my 2004 2.5 tdi v6 (uk model) as the 12233 code doesnt seem to work on this year any idea what it is for this year thanks
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    manual conversion help needed

    hi looking for advice as really struggling with this car. Car is 2004 a4 tdi multitronic converted to manual and getting brake symbol etc still coming on when car ignition switched on as i believe parts of the car still believe its a multitronic here is a list that my faults etc being...
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    creating ecm codes

    hi where do i find the list for creating a ecm code for my car ? the car in question is a uk 2003 audi a4 1.9 tdi multitronic the code currently is set at 000001 and having communication errors and wondering if this could be the cause of it. gearbox tcu has been opened and no wiring faults have...
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    unknown unit

    any ideas what this is folks ?[/IMG]
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    newbie issue with 2003 audi a4 multitronic p1626 issues

    hi folks just bought a ross tech lead after mucking about with bluetooth units for a few years. i have bought a 2003 tdi multitronic a4 (uk car) thats having gearbox issues (surprise surprise ) i have no service history with it but once communicating will oil and filter change the box. my lead...