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    HEX-V2 vs. HEX

    Will the former HEX dongle be supported by future updates of the VCDS programm? I see now the new V2 dongle and I am a user of the "old" dongle
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    VCDS User from the Netherlands :)

    Hello VCDS Users, I am Erik from the Netherlands / Europe and I use VCDS now for over 1 year. In our family we drive a Skoda Octavia TSI MY 2010. My private car is a MB W108 4.5ltr from ...
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    Searching in adaption screens

    In the adaption sreens for the MQB platform there are many possibility's for changing value's. In this screes I go down whit the arrow button or PgDn button. Are there author way's to search for example words as "Leuchte 6ABL" or "VRB21" ?
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    Wifi device avalability for Europe

    When do you expect the Wifi device to be available for Europe? Does this device also has better support for the MQB platform? For example changing the speed for highwaylights or do the coding for rainclosing? I am also member from the and I see people hasitate to buy products from...
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    VIM Video in motion

    Is there a possibility that whit a new release the option for VIdeo in Motion can be activated whit VCDS for the VAG MQB platform?
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    Blocked Work Shop Code (WSC) in Address 09: Cent. Elect.

    Last Saterday I read out a Skoda Octavia build 2006 First I made a autoscan and I saved the file. Then it was the meaning to change a light setting in module 09. When changing a bit and want to save this setting there is a fault code that the number of the WSC is incorrect. This is a part of...