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    Only connecting to some modules...

    Hello... help... for some reason VCDS is connecting to some but not all modules...2008 Touareg I did use my other scan tool Autel, and it did connect to all installed modules. VCDS is my go to tool... (I have to have the other one for BMW, etc)... what else is needed from me to resolve this...
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    Trying to fix this car... 2012 Audi A7 stealership is quoting like $7500.00 new camera, new cable, new module... (everything under the hood kind of estimate) I am getting "Braking guard off" on instrument cluster, and when i scan with my Hex+can I get these fault codes... I do know of a...
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    VW 1.8t 20v powered kit car

    I do not know exactly which forum to post this in, but seems "retrofits" fits... I have a friend requesting me to build him a track/kit car. So we are brainstorming about 1) using a 1.8t 20V engine (ME7.5 DBW 1.8t ecu)with a DSG transmission. 2) plan on using the steering column for shift...
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    Missing label files

    I just updated to release 15.7.1 and now I'm missing the label files.. how do I retrieve/repair the missing label files?:confused:
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    Carbon Fiber R8 upgrade

    I have a friend that recently upgraded the front and rear brakes to factory carbon fiber rotors and the applicable calipers. He also changed the Brake booster and master cylinder. It is my understanding that the car needs to be recoded to function correctly. I believe the ABS and airbag have...
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    2013 Touareg trailer hitch install, coding

    I have recently had a factory trailer hitch installed on a 2013 Touareg, and would like to know how to change the coding to put power on pin 4 to charge trailer batteries, and also how do I disable the rear hatch from opening when trailer is plugged in to the Touareg? Full scan below... VCDS...