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    Car dead after wet snowfall

    Update. Towed car to vw shop. They replaced entire wiring harness. No more issues. Expensive but had to be done as there was no clear signs where the wires were broken.
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    Car dead after wet snowfall

    I cleaned all the grounds under battery and air box, they were dirty but this didn’t help any. Checked the fuse box and it’s clean. No corrosion. That’s my guess too is there is corrosion somewhere, either moisture got into the ecm or maybe I’ve got some cracked wires and the water got to those...
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    Car dead after wet snowfall

    Thanks I checked ecm connector, it’s clean. The loud ticking sound is coming from a Black plastic shroud beside the oil cap. It’s a long black shroud type thing extending from oil cap towards driver side on top of engine but at the back of it closer to firewall. The fuel injector sensor...
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    Car dead after wet snowfall

    Hi, issue started about 4 months ago after car sat in 2 day light rainfall there were about 15 engine codes on and car would be in limp mode. After drying the car out and putting leaf blower in the engine bay the codes disappeared. This week we had a wet snowfall and car sat out in it, after...
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    ECU potential bad

    Lately we've had a lot of rain, I went to drive and the car quickly went into limp mode. I have about 20 different codes now, main code of P0651. I found water sitting on top of the ecu housing. Think this could be the cause? I don't know why the date for the fault codes are from random years...
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    P0193 fuel pressure sensor Mk6 TDI

    I bough VCDS to try and solve my issue that even volkswagen cannot figure out. It's been to a vw shop three times without success in finding a fix. Issue: code P0193 consistently pops up on my dash with engine light and blinking glow plug light. The car is in limp mode most of the time now...