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  1. MIH11MI6

    Seat Ibiza 6J Quattro - second fuel level sensor - security access code for adaptation

    Hi all, Another trivial one I'm sure. I've quattro converted my seat ibiza 6J. One of the tasks for this was to install a secondary fuel level sensor for the split tank. Tank is from an audi S1 and more or less bolted up, secondary fuel level sensor is from and audi A3 8P 2.0tdi BKD quattro. I...
  2. MIH11MI6

    Seat Ibiza 6J - J245/J878 Pano Sunroof Module Not working

    Hi All, I have a Seat Ibiza 2010 that i've retrofitted a 6J pano roof into. I used all OEM parts and wiring from a donor shell, and I have the car talking to the J245 Sunroof motor module in the Central Electrics. However the roof switch doesn't seem to do anything. I have completed an...
  3. MIH11MI6

    Ibiza 6J - Pano Sunroof Retrofit - Coding Issue / Not Saving Coding J245

    Hi, I have a 2010 Seat Ibiza 2.0TDI that i'm doing a full build on. I have retrofitted a Pano roof into the car (from a 6J), and wired up following ELSA Wiring diagrams. I can see the supplementary component in the Central Electrics (J245/J878) part number 6R0 959 591. The coding is currently...