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  1. jyoung8607

    Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

    Well this is awkward, because I've not gotten my family armed in order to join the Kyle Rittenhouse admiration society... ... I've done it to revoke a number of the entitlements you and a few million of your friends take for granted over me and mine, starting with this one.
  2. jyoung8607

    OTA updates

    Received this about an hour ago: Insert every single Quantum Leap Dr. Sam Becket "oh boy" GIF here. More info from
  3. jyoung8607

    Can the ESP-disable button be made to light up orange?

    You know you spend too much time and money on Volkswagens when your dealer calls you with questions. :D But they're great people and I live for weird questions. In this particular case, they had a customer with a Mk7.5 GTI or R (I forget which), and C/S the ESP disable button doesn't switch to...
  4. jyoung8607

    Name this tape!

    I'm replacing the trim strips along the bottom of all four doors on my Phaeton. For the second time. They're a consumable on this car. They're made of plastic molded around a metal strip, for stiffening, water gets in and corrodes the strip, they swell and bow outward and look terrible. Another...
  5. jyoung8607

    Case Study: P0411 Secondary Air Injection System, Incorrect Flow Detected

    2007 Volkswagen Rabbit with the 2.5L inline 5. Customer (youngest son) states MIL illuminated with no other drivability problem. Reviewed with VCDS and found a SAI problem that wasn't there as of a few days ago. The low voltage problems are unrelated; they trace back to me leaving the headlights...
  6. jyoung8607


    The one true keyboard, preach it! I learned to type in grade school on IBM PC/PCjr with Model Ms and it was always my favorite. I've had three of the Unicomp licensed versions in my adult life and loved them. Biggest problem is conference calls, have to be careful to mute toggle when not...
  7. jyoung8607

    Pre-purchase inspection of a 2.5L engine

    Pop quiz, hotshots. Been hunting around for a car for my youngest. A 2007 Rabbit appeared on the lot at my preferred local VW dealer this weekend, and it so happens we already have a 2007 Rabbit in the family for my middle child, so it kind of works out for both maintenance commonality and...
  8. jyoung8607

    Rage Against the DMV

    Last weekend, through a convoluted and unfortunate series of events, I made a sudden purchase of a Missouri titled vehicle. The Missouri Department of Revenue (handles vehicle titling and registration) has not been fun to deal with so far. I'm originally from Missouri, but it's been a long time...
  9. jyoung8607


    A thing is happening: As of this morning, we have a fork of Comma AI OpenPilot that can steer my 2018 Golf R. We're doing it by filtering the HCA_01 (Heading Control Assist) CAN messages from the A5 camera and inserting our own, and transparently passing the rest of its traffic. We're...
  10. jyoung8607

    Volkswagen Infotainment Web Interface (ViWi/RSI)

    Here is a thing. I don't know exactly what this set of APIs and libraries is supposed to be for, but it's authored and submitted by a Volkswagen AG employee who (at the time) was in charge of Volkswagen and Audi in-car infotainment systems for...
  11. jyoung8607

    VW repair wires

    I have a little retrofit project in the works... One of the last pieces I need is the proper terminals or VW repair wire sets, for convenience CAN bus access. But, there's a bewildering array of terminal types and associated repair wires. I'm having a hard time identifying which one I need...
  12. jyoung8607

    Proposal to improve new thread quality

    There exists a vBulletin 4.2 mod "New Thread / Post Reminder Message" (alternate support doc site). I propose this should be installed and used to throw a New Thread Checklist above most attempts to start a new thread. The plugin can be set to appear only for new threads being started, not for...
  13. jyoung8607

    Persistent Steering Assist fault

    Vehicle: 2018 Golf R, factory stock except for trivial setting changes. My Golf R steering has persistent self-loathing issues. I'm not sure why. There are no driver-visible symptoms, everything works fine. 24320 - Steering C10AC 07 [009] - Mechanical Failure...
  14. jyoung8607

    Low boost / misfire on 2008 Audi A4

    Posting on behalf of a visitor. Vehicle is a 2008 Audi A4. Owner is complaining of stumbling or surging under part throttle. MIL on. Found various misfires and a frequent Boost Pressure Regulation code. Monitoring group 115, I see substantial deviation between specified and actual boost, both...
  15. jyoung8607

    Specialized wiring repair issue

    Pop quiz, hotshots. How would you fix this? My Phaeton has one of those Known Things wherein the wiring to the trunk lid starts to split and fray over time. The excess wiring is supposed to be hidden away and contained in this plastic box. It gets flexed in and out of a U or S-curve shape...
  16. jyoung8607

    Bugatti Veyron DIY Service

    Oil change and air filters on a Veyron W16. The oil change I kind of expected to be complex, with the dry sump system. Sixteen drain plugs. I was underwhelmed by the oil filter, given the flow rate this thing must need. I wonder if it's on a partial bypass system? Those air filters though...
  17. jyoung8607

    Oil pressure problems on a 1.8T AWM

    What would you do if you were saddled with indirect moral and/or financial responsibility for a 2004 Passat GLS with the oil pressure heart-attack light starting to come on more and more frequently when the oil is at full temperature? Asking for a friend. :mad: These engines had a rep for being...
  18. jyoung8607

    Budack cycle engines

    So VW's new gimmick with some of the EA888 2.0Ts this year is the Budack cycle. Basically just early close of the intake valve under light load to reduce the intake air charge. Then when you put your foot in it, VTEC kicks in yo...
  19. jyoung8607

    Family Photo

    Crappy day for a photo, but today my driveway reached peak VW... From right to left: 2004 Passat GLS "The Downgrayedd" daughter's daily driver 2018 Atlas SEL Premium "Family Truckster" wife's daily driver 2006 Phaeton W12 "High Maintenance Bitch" my former daily driver luxobarge and now...
  20. jyoung8607

    Entropy is a Harsh Mistress

    ... or "The Long Goodbye" ... or "She's Dead, Jim: Part IV: I'm Getting Too Old For This Shit" (Part 3) (Part 2) (Part 1) Wherein I chronicle the sad life, death, and organ donation of my poor foster 2004 Phaeton V8. Part 1 coming a bit later tonight. Special guest appearance by: The...