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  1. 949BFN

    2018 Audi Q5 Active Lane Assist retrofit

    I managed to successfully code ALA on my 2018 Audi SQ5. I purchased a used steering stalk (with the button at the tip of the indicator stalk to turn ALA on/off) on e-Bay. Everything is working fine as far as ALA is concerned, but when I turn the vehicle on, I get a "Heated Steering Wheel...
  2. 949BFN

    S8 Driver Information (DIS) splash screen

    I messed around with the settings of my S8's instrument cluster (Note - I'm not referring to the MMI startup logo - google tells me that logo is changed via the green Hidden Menu). Some time later, I realized the DIS is not showing the S8 logo on startup anymore, but the A8 logo. I can't...
  3. 949BFN

    Error code 11 during Update

    Received my Hex-Net interface today. First impressions are that it is an awesome upgrade from the previous USB version. I have however encountered an issue during the firmware update process. The Windows configuration app displayed "Error Code 11" during the update process. (I have a...
  4. 949BFN

    2015 Audi S8 - Missing Label files

    Hi Guys I've been reading the forum for years, but never got around to register. I bought my USB interface cable back in 2011 from the South African distributor. My cable does not have the short serial no. making it impossible to verify my registration. I've emailed the supplier to get hold of...