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  1. ka_rai

    GATEWAY malfunction from A4 2,0 tdi 190hp year 2015

    Hi friends i need advise to replace this gateway with second hand ? no protection componant or anything ? just transfert coding from original in car to second hand ? thank you for your help --------------------------- Wednesday,04,May,2022,15:53:27:51859 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
  2. ka_rai

    Light polo 6n

    on vw polo 6n the lights do not come ON when I turn the knob to position 1 or 2 but headlights come ON in position 0 they are OFF when I switch off the ignition no DTC in the whole car, is halogene headligth so anybody have idea ?
  3. ka_rai

    Golf VII gti perf 230hp year 2015 : 5W40 ?

    hi friend i will change oil in my gti perf 230hp moded to 300hp ;) vw say oil 5w30 but i am looking for is possible using 5W40 because this engine always like eat oil so gti perf year 2015 so first golf 7, is possible runing with 5W40 ? anybody have experience with it ? thanks firends ;)
  4. ka_rai

    A3 8V 35 tfsi 150hp dsg7 : change oil ?

    hi friends i need your experience aout to replace oil from automatic gearbox 7 speed on A3 35 tfsi 150 hp year 2018 with 80.000 kms i contact office to repace oil and guy say me this car not have change oil gearbox dsg7 thrue or false ? because i see gearbox strange when change speed , rpm...
  5. ka_rai

    GOLF 7 GTI perf 2015 = trouble LED after replace headligth

    hello, i replace my headligth ( because glass broken ) with same part number i translate all ligths and ECU (under headligth) to new headligth in second hand ( but same part number as mine original ) and now LED corner not ligth on any idea to solved it ? check photo from car here is log...
  6. ka_rai

    Golf 7 GTI perf 2015 = LED out ? B12ED

    hello, I replaced one front optical because the glass was broken. I took the same OEM number, I put all the ECU that are under the optical and all lamps and I have a B12ED fault, the LED does not light on from this optical, other optical working fine But I got a error: 19210 - Right LED...
  7. ka_rai

    Golf 7 gti 2015 - front bumper OEM ?

    hi friends i'm looking for OEM bumper golf 7 gti 2014 with 6 parc assist + " xenon wash " vin is WVWZZZAUZGW0xxxxx no way to found this bumper, if anybody have OEM ? thanks
  8. ka_rai

    Resolved Retrofit steering wheel with MFSW - A3 8V 1.4 TFSI 122hp 2013

    hi friends i have A3 8V 1.4tfsi 122hp year 2013 finiton ambiente without MFSW i want retrofit : steering whell ambition + MFSW Trouble : after install all , dash no ligth DTC warning BUT my MF not ligth ON and not work air-bag ok because not DTC stored and not ligth warning in dashboard i...
  9. ka_rai

    how made yourself MFSW cable 8U0.971.589.C

    here i explain how made yourself MFSW wire 8U0.971.589.C pin from yellow connector connector to MF:
  10. ka_rai

    Common Cruise Control Faults : polo 6R 2011

    hello friends i have polo 6R year 2011 with common cruise control no working i not have DTC stored but i not found where i can trace activation cruise control in VCDS softwre anybody know where i can check activation when i push common in VCDS menu ? thank you
  11. ka_rai

    golf VII = retrofit MFSW + real aeom VW part ?

    hi friends i new in your forum, i just buy golf 7 but without MFSW , so ... :rolleyes: i have experience in retrofit from mercedes or bmw, but never with vag :p but i will learn ;) anybody know weblink where you found part number from vag and any shematic, same as to use with...