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    Skoda Superb II Gen 2 2011

    New day, new possibiities. Something happened with the electric tail gate. It stopped half way through the opening process and was forced by hand to the higest upper position. Since then it won´t close. Motors work when connected to 12V. I´m unable to do the basic setting. Tried everything in...
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    Audi S8 2002 Navigation system not working

    Hi, The owner just changed the battey. After that the navigation unit stopped working. Buttons lights up fine, the cooling fan runs and the unit is warm but the display is dark. Tried to reset codes, they come back immediately. He talked to a random Audi workshop wich claims that the new...
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    VW Phaeton 3,2 V6 petrol MY 2004 crank shaft sensor

    VW Phaeton 3,2 V6 petrol MY 2004 knock sensor Car runs smooth as new but intermittent throws code for knock sensor. The code always clears. Searched The Interweb and found that MVB 208 and 209 should be within +/-8 factory specs and above 10 means timing problem. Is this correct? Measured...
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    "Old" MIB2 and the new 9,2" screen

    "Old" MIB2 PRO and the new 9,2" screen Is it possible to just switch the screen from the "old" 8inch to the new 9,2inch? Or does it require coding?
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    Calibration of G450

    Hi! The G450 is changed to a brand new. Does it need to be adapted and calibrated? The car runs much better, but still not perfect. Scan before the change. No scan after available right now. 2.0 TDI 103kW Multivan MY 2010 DSG Wednesday,10,January,2018,16:35:49:08489 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    Activate DLA VW Arteon

    Hi, A friend just bought the new Arteon as a company car. Surprisingly it does not have DLA (Dynamic Light Assist) but has all the harware so I´m looking in to activate it. Is the Arteon platform maybe same as the Passat B8?
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    VW Touareg MY17 with RCD 550

    Hi Tried to activate the auxiliary heater. Made the tweak in #56 radio and set bit 6 in byte 8. This lights up the new timer menue. Then activated bit 4 in byte 1 in #8. Problem is that the heater does not start, and when I set the timer the tickbox for the timer channel in RCD jumps out...
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    Audi Q7 break pad warning

    Hi, Was trying to help a friend disable the break pad sensor since they are not working properly. He just got the car and want to check the pads later on next week. To my surprise they were already disabled in #17 but the warning light is still on. Any ideas?Audi Q7 MY 2010 3.0 TDI clean diesel...
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    Media Discover Pro

    Hi, European VW Tiguan MY17. Looking for a tweak for the Discover Pro. As for now, with engine and ignition shut off after driving, the Discover Pro is running. When I open the door, the system shuts off. I want the system to run with the door open and shut down, either by timer, and/or by...
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    VW Tiguan AD1 retrofit remote heater activation

    Since the German Enginers are as seems unable to use CAR NET to activate the auxiliary heater (Volvo did this like over 5 years ago with VOC) they decided to go for a third party solution... This can be fitted to my car since I have the heater and remote function by the...
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    Audi A3 2009 2.0 TFSI won´t fire up

    Starter runs. Camshaft moving and I can feel compression out of exhaust but I dont get the normal "crank sound" when the starter turns the engine. Car wouldn´t start after standing one night at the parking space. Any idea´s? Tuesday,16,May,2017,19:23:28:51824 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    SEAT Cupra R 2011 retrofit LED tail lights

    Hi! Came across a troubled man who had retrofitted LED tail lights on his 2011/11 Cupra. Of course got the bulb out error. I´ve tried all known an unknown codes in byte 18 from different Golf and Audi A3 and even the code from a 2012 Cupra (55) and does not work properly in his car. Coding 15...
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    Touareg 2003 V6 Petrol

    Hi! Car shows "Break Fault" within startup, ABS and ESP lights. What do I look for? Check wiring and electrical connections to J646? Is it the same module as the "AWD Controller"? Were is it located? Broken ABS wheel sensor? Scan below is made after attempt to clearing faults. Thank you...
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    VCDS Win 10 USB Drivers

    So... here is the story. Windows made a huge update of Win 10 on my computer the other day. Cable has been running fine since 2013 with every update in Windows and VCDS. After this update my laptop can not recognize my cable or drivers to use it. Reinstalled VCDS 16.8.2 with no complaints...