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    Additional hex net interface

    I have a hex fan at the moment, registered user. A friend is selling his hex net 10 vin version. As I’m already a registered user I presume I only need to buy the add on to make it unlimited?
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    Mk6 Golf long coding request

    Instrument cluster was unplugged to be sent off for repair, but the long coding for abs has been lost according to their snap-on scanner. I dont have an auto scan for this, but i need to go look at it on my way home later and rectify WVWZZZ1KZDP052540 is the chassis number Many thanks
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    Passat B7 RHD Mirror folding

    Fitted folding mirrors to my own B6 today, but cant enable folding from the key Auto scan Tuesday,27,August,2019,20:15:48:34436 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 10 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20190529 DS308.0 Workshop Code: 001...
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    Passat b6 folding mirror retrofit

    Modules wont accept coding, getting -31 out of range Modules are gen3 max so should work, but i've never done folding mirrors before Scan as below Monday,19,August,2019,22:14:54:34436 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: Data version...
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    Passat 3C Steering wheel upgrade

    I have purchased a 'mk7 golf' style wheel for a Polo, 6C0 49 091 BQ and matching airbag. These are PQ parts to keep it simple Here is an OLD autoscan with my currant SWCM information. Current SWCM is integrated module/slip ring Monday,27,February,2017,17:54:02:34436 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    B6 ACC Retrofit

    Hi All I've had plenty of help from Kamold, and Le VW Freaks, but i have one issue to address. I have an autoscan,i forgot to do the autoscan before clearing them. The errors were ECU - 050227 - Invalid data received from cruise control front distance range sensor ACC - 01286 Engine <-> ADR...
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    Passat B6 cecm > bcm

    are there any guides around detailing this upgrade? Already have b7 gateway, ccm, and 3D clocks, would like to get the functionality back on the cluster for lights now
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    1S0 937 090 B

    I emailed a channel map for this controller a couple of days ago, when will a label file become available?
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    UK discover media - Tmc help

    Just ironing out the creases now. Retrofitted the unit all ok, but I do not get anything on traffic, just a line through the Tmc icon. Does anyone have an adaption map from a working unit in the UK, or know what needs changing to make it work?
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    Replacing wideband lambda sensor

    My b1s1 lambda sensor on my 2.0 diesel, cbab engine needs replacing. Is there an adaption process required for this? Any wideband sensors ive used previously on an aftermarket basis for standalone management have required free air calibration prior to use.
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    2012 A4 - Intermittent non start

    Someone else posted previously having what appears to be identical issues. Car will not start, various faults come up on the dash, headlight range defective, parking brake fault, stability fault etc. Its not all the time though. Previous posted said that a new engine ecu was required. Given...
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    Vw T5 2011 - Gear indicator / Cruise issues

    I've been looking at a friends T5 today The display on the clocks will only momentary show 5th gear (5 speed box) and then go back like it is in neutral I checked measuring block IDE00090-ENG104207 selected gear-Bit 0, which again reports 0 when in 5th gear but reports the other gears...
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    Any support on this chinese market VW unit with VCDS yet uwe? Looking to fit one to the wifes early 5J fabia
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    2.0 CR Thermostat replacement

    Anyone have instructions from a workshop manual for replacing thermostat housing, engine code CBAB? Mine has the housing with 4 connections, not the single connection with thermostat in the block.
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    Skoda bolero/ vw rcd510

    Can the above unit be changed from bap protocol to do via VCDS? Rns can, but don't have a rcd to check
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    3C8937049N - Highline or midline?

    Anyone with this module or experience with it? No luck on google, just need to know if it supports fogs and xenons before i purchase
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    Guide for ACC on passat b6?

    Any english guides around? I've found a russian one, but the translate is very poor and difficult to make any sense of really. I know i need a new abs ecu, or have my existing one re-programmed, is there anyone on here that can assist with this? My current gateway is 3C0 907 530 Q, is this...