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    Audi RNS-E aux programming

    Hi guys , I have a 59 plate audi a3 that Has come with a Audi RNS-E retrofitted , the aux lead is plugged in the back but doesn't work :eek: the plan is to buy a new aux lead kit that comes with the correct plug rather than the one they have bodged in , but I need to know how to code in the...
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    2005 Audi A3 2.0 TDI No Electric Windows inop

    Hi Guys , I have a few issues with an Audi A3 , the 1st one I need to sort out is the windows. I thought I'd look for advice before I start heading in the wrong direction. The windows all work if you operate via vagcom apart from the rear drivers side (I think it's that one) I've pasted the...
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    2014 Skoda Rapid reverse camera Columbus head unit

    Hi Guys , I have a customer with a standard reverse camera , and the lead to plug it into the head unit. Apparently I need to program the head unit/car to accept the signal. This is the data from autoscan, at the time it had an alpine unit, it now has the columbus. Will I need to autoscan...
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    Hi there , I've filled out the Verification Form about a week ago, but I still can't post in the main sections of the forum. Does anyone know how long it takes to go through as I have a few questions for potential jobs. Many Thanks Anthony
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    Auto Elite

    Hi there I've introduced myself on here a few weeks ago, not sure how to get verified as I would like to know how to code a Columbus head unit to accept a reverse camera from a universal cam,I have the corresponding lead, but my supplier tells me it needs coding. Many thanks Anthony
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    Hi new to the software and site skoda queation

    Hi I'm Anthony, I run a vehicle accessories and enhancement company called Auto Elite in Staffordshire. I have a customer with a 2014 Skoda Rapid and would like to know if it's possible to turn of or program out the Skoda bluetooth kit as it's conflicting with the Alpine system we fitted. Many...