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    2004 Touareg - KESSY module replacement

    My KESSY module failed due to corrosion. I bought a good used one with matching numbers. Before swapping the modules: do I need to adapt the new module to the car? If so, link to the procedure? Scan from old module: Address 05: Acc/Start Auth. Labels: 3D0-909-13x-05.lbl Part No...
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    Windows 10 - usb-c

    Had to buy new computer. Only windows 10 and only USB-C. I bought USB-old to USB-C adapter. Will that (and Windows 10) work with my HEX-USB+CAN cable?
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    2001 Jetta 1.8T 032 DL - NO VCDS communication in car

    Trying to help a friend with his 2001 Jetta. Car cranks, starts, dies after 2 sec. First though immo kicks in (and could well be). Plugging VAGcom in, does not connect to ANY module. Plugged another ECU I had on hand, same behavior. Took the ECU out and plugged into my bench setup...
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    2006 Passat - all sort of (electrical) problems

    Car (2006 B6 Passat 2.0T FWD) was (almost) fine. Then in short period: gas filler flap solenoid not opening, heater fan stopped working, electrical break stopped working, instrument cluster no speedometer and gas gauge goes nuts. Not sure about ABS/traction control (if that also occurred or was...
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    Hex+Can working for 2014 Panamera Turbo S

    Is my Hex+Can (HEX-USB+CAN) working for 2014 Panamera Turbo S?
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    Timing check 2.0T BPY engine

    What block should I use to check timing on BPY (2006 Passat 2.0T) engine? What values/range is correct for those blocks? I am used to 090-093 for the 1.8T and 2.7T engines, but have not used VAGcom for timing on 2.0T FSI engines yet.
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    2004 B6 A4 518AF softcoding

    I have swapped the ECU, need to change the ECU softcoding. Getting error "outside of range". need to softcode to 0016711. Any idea why it is not 'taking'? Is a login required to softcode the ECU?
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    Directories Labels Labels.old labels.older labels.oldest

    Can I delete the "old" "older" "oldest" directories under the VCDS directory? Just keep the "Labels" folder?
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    2007 Bentley Continental GT - mileage display

    Is the mileage stored in other locations than just the cluster? I am reading, but owner says should be 11,000 miles. Is he maybe reading the 'trip counter' mileage? Currently not at car to verify. Thursday,29,November,2018,14:53:19:03761 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    2007 Bentley Continental GT - overboost and MAF code in engine module, load codes.

    A few miles ago I found these codes: 000564 - Boost Pressure Regulation P0234 - 001 - Limit Exceeded (Overboost Condition) - MIL ON 000257 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70) P0101 - 008 - Implausible Signal - Intermittent Also tranny code: 18265 - Load Signal P1857 - 000 - Error Message from ECU...
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    2007 Bentley Continental GT - VCDS?

    Don't have the car here so can't quickly check. Does my Hex+CAN work with above car? How about my KII-USB?
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    2009 Jetta 2.5: 01044 - Control Module Incorrectly Coded

    Getting the code since we bought the car. All stock AFAIK. Is the code thrown because of some shoddy work (change a module) of the previous owner? Which module is incorrectly coded? Any suggestions how to troubleshoot? Code comes right back after erasing. Address 19: CAN Gateway...
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    Is vcds download page down?

    I tried to download software for my Hex-USB cable, but all websites are not connecting. Is server down.
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    1.8T AMU/AEB: 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28)

    Still fighting code 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28) P1340 - 35-00 - Incor. Correlation after engine build. 2001 Audi TT225 AMU block. New bearings, rods, rings, seals, oil pump. Rebuild AEB head. New VVT cam chain tensioner (not connected). AMU valve...
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    2013 A4 - 10425 low fuel pressure during start AND 2837 Fuel Rail pressur too high

    Suggestions what might be causing the 2 codes? Where to start with troubleshooing? 40k miles. Wednesday,10,January,2018,15:23:56:03761 VCDS Version: Release 17.8.1 (x64) Running on Windows 7 x64 Address 01: Engine Labels: 06H-907-115-CDN.clb Control...
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    No advanced measurement selectable on 2004 Golf GTI?

    I can't select 'advanced measuring blocks' on the 2004 Golf GTI. Strikes me as strange. Is something wrong with the ECU?
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    Unit of Measure ofr Time Stamp

    When logging, what is the unit of measure for the 'time stamp'? I.e. much time are 100 time stamp units?
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    misfire recognition - what does enable mean

    on 2.7t block 015 and 016 shows the misfires per cylinder. And the status misfires detection "enabled" or "disabled". What does status "enabled" mean? What parameter sets it to enabled vs disabled?
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    Audi Allroad - locked out level module - only with full VAGcom?

    Friend's (2 hours away) Allroad suspension is down. Happened before when I had the car here; cleaned compressor, etc contacts, ran output test in VAGcom and worked fine for a while. Now down again. Friend cleaned contacts etc. but does not have VAGcom. 2 hour battery disconnect did not clear...
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    cam position block 90-93

    What is the meaning of the values in the 4 blocks ? 090/1 and 090/2 show 'adjustment bank 1/2' 091/4 adjustment bank 1 092/4 adjustment bank 2 093/3 and 093/4 "phase bank bank/2" Meaning of 'adjustment' and meaning of 'phase'? Is phase the relative deviation of the respective cam compared to...