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    Error: 01543 - Parking Aid Warning Chime (H15)

    Hello. I have a Tiguan 2010 and I lost of ParkAssist and the monitoring of the parking sensors. The fault is intermittent ... It seems to be some bad contact. Has anyone had this error and can you help me solve it? The following is the log scan with error...
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    Help with unknown errors

    Hi, Can someone help me understand what the errors mean and how to delete them? Thks, Alexandre Sunday,08,November,2015,10:32:17:40275 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20150904 VIN...
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    Trajectory line Rear Cam Golf 7 MIB2 DP

    Friends, Recently managed to perform retrofit of MIB1 DP to MIB2 DP with difficulty .. Problems with the amplifier module with protection module, rear camera did not work, ParkPilot also not worked. I could just turn it all over again, but I still have a hard time .. In my MIB1 the rear camera...
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    [MK7 - Retrofit MIB1 to MIB2] Park Pilot(OPS) and Rear Cam doesn't work

    Hi... I did the retrofit Discover Pro MIB 1 for MIB2. All this apparently working ok but I lost the image of the rear camera and the OPS. When I hitch into reverse, the camera is open but has no image and also does not present a visualization of the OPS I saw also that I lost the internal...
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    Dynaudio Gen2 to MIB2 High (Discover Pro)

    Hi, I did what I retrofit MIB 1 to 2 am however muted. :mad: My golf came with MIB1 High (5G0035045B) with Dynaudio SoundSystem External MOST (5G0035456). It seems there was an update on the SoundSystem External MOST amplifier module for MIB 2 High units. Someone would know the new...
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    ACC Disabled

    Hi, I have a problem with the ACC. I made this modification in the controller 19 and the enable bit 4 in byte 8 ACC stopped working. Deactivated Bit 4 and even then the ACC continues disabled. In autoscan shows no failure. Can anyone help me how to solve this problem? This is the link where I...
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    MIB Documentation not been added in the latest update... :(

    Hi, The MIB documentation has not been added in version 14.10.0. :( We have some idea when it will be available? There are many parameters that without proper coding and having several parameters adaptation becomes difficult any modification or repair the unit. Regards, Alexandre Xavier
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    What is the security code ACC Bosch MQB Golf 7

    Hi, Anyone know what the security code into the Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428) Module:5Q0 907 572 B of Golf 7? Address 13: Auto Dist. Reg (J428) Labels: 5Q0-907-572.clb Part No SW: 5Q0 907 572 B HW: 5Q0 907 572 B Component: ACC Bosch MQB H04 0200 Serial number: 26041477030356 Coding...
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    How to enable Traffic Sign recognition - Golf 7

    Hi, Anyone know how to bypass the code of the country or region of the map loaded in Discover Pro for the recognition of traffic signs work? I've got work to do, but without loading the maps. I saw the list of adaptations exist some functions to ignore but when attempting to encode for...
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    Label File. 5F: 5G0 035 045

    Hi, I'm using VCDS 14.8.1 and I see that there is still the label file for the 5F unit: 5G0 035 045. Where can I download this file label or when it will be available for VCDS? Regards, Alexandre
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    Central Infotainment Address (5F) errors... MK7

    Hi, I have a Golf GTI MK7 14/14 with Discover Navigation Pro and I have a problem in my central infotainment address (5F). It has been showing these error codes. What can it be?? Thursday,18,September,2014,02:58:40:40275 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator VCDS Version: Data...