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    2011 VW T5 Limp mode

    Piper1, noted you changed the sensors but would need a wire diag to validate circuits. One noted implausible and the other open. Would be looking at ground and reference voltage on those sensors. May be new but is there a transfer of information?
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    Golf 6, 1.6TDI Injector problem-rather urgent matter

    Might be something as simple as mechanic left copper bushing in the head, then put in injector with another. Spray pattern is then disrupted thus causing massive smoke, ask me how I know. Best of luck. Larry
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    Strange misfire type problem in Audi S3

    Mikemod, glad to hear.
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    07 jetta 2.0 FSI lean burn off idle, and possible 519 control module network issues?

    This car has several issues, main one key does not communicate with locking system. Have not validated key battery, but wonder is J519, which I guess many manufacturers call body control has an issue. Also need to get a wire diag but on the 07Jetta is this thing under the seat and floating in...
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    boost control module code, 2013 TDI beetle, some insite please

    Monday,04,March,2019,16:13:44:01722 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x64 VCDS Version: (x64) Data version: 20190114 DS296.0 VIN: 3VWJL7AT2DM665463 License Plate: Mileage: 40180km-24966mi Repair Order...
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    Auxiliary heater 2015 TDI

    Okay, this time car is on warranty but smelled WIRING and noted burned part ground wire to aux heater in foot well. From what can find is a Z32, VW acronym and did not code for short or open which it might not if a bad connection. Might not go out much as dealer did not even know it there...
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    2015 Jetta TDI, service wrench display 10 seconds on cold start

    2015 Jetta TDI, factory refurbished .DSG Bought this with 49,000 on the clock 62,000 now. Do oil myself but every morning wrench symbol shows on dash but is not a code IMO. Don't know if there is a reset upon oil change ECT as did not see it addressed in manual. WRENCH goes away after 10...
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    No cruise 2001 beetle TDI

    First off, on an android here and have not transferred scan from PC , so feel free to rip me for no scan I know the drill. But, have no cruise, but 006-3 and 4 show it being turned off and on. Block 4 shows a 17 which might mean something as thought is just displayed 1, OR X, mine a 17. Only...
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    Lack of heat from dash panel 2001 TDI beetle standard trans

    Morning all, This is a project I acquired, and IMO does not need a Auto scan, could be wrong. 2001 TDI beetle. Lack of heat from dash or foot well. My first thought was Thermostat, so replace it (refilled with up lift tool) and these little guys are hard to warm up as stick shift with glow...
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    2015 Jetta TDI 50,000 miles P20B7 - OBD II Trouble Code - RepairPal

    Morning all, and Merry Christmas. Okay, don't beat me up yet as the code I took was just before I walked into Starbucks (-C here) and got it from my Launch Tech Cheezy one size fits all for on the road quick stuff on smart phone, and about half the time what it spits out is not exactly spot...
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    Buying VW parts.

    Morning, and apologize if in the wrong thread for this question. Who do most use for buying OEM parts, dealer or other. I need At this point a set of heated mirrors (I think) and although not cheap as you get what you pay for but also don't want to pay 20% more for something that is the same...
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    2000 tdi beetle long cold start

    Jack, have been here before but but now the weather is getting colder on the ALH beetle. Don't seem to have air in fuel line to pump, (clear) and question glow plugs running and as there is no light in the dash, and never has been. Car will start but after about 5 second crank. Tweaked the pump...
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    repair manual

    Jack Sprat, or others. Just bougth a 2015 TDI and as always want the factory manual. Seems Bently does not make one for 2015, and here is the factory manual siteVolkswagen Jetta 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 factory repair manual, does anybody know if this is good bad or indifferent as...
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    new TDI info, please

    Jack, Larimore here..........................this is not a repair question.........feel free to rip me a new one but??????????? Looking @ a buying a late model TDI..........see a bunch of 2015 on the lots..........obviously the intro of the ones that were recalled. maybe not. Quetion too...
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    01 TDI Beetle hard start cold. 126,000 miles automatic

    Jack Sprat, good morning. Larimore here................ been having trouble with the wifes beetle initial hard start when cold. Did an auto scan and can post but no codes except the usual mirror one, but insignificate. IMO. Cranks for 5/5 seconds, may or may not bark. Stop..........then crank...
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    Testing ECM for Can signals.

    Jack , interested as I know you code modules and the like. If I take a J248 DIC module, power up all power that are on the specific lines via wire diags, will it create CAn low and Can hi from the 248 even though nobody is down stream.?, or am I as Jack might state pissing up a rope? Larrymore
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    2001 TDI beetle, air bubble from filter to pump??????????

    Good morning to all. Pasted here is an email I sent to a fellow Tech asking opinions, and stated what I found and the result and would like some feed back on a permanate fix although working @ this point. Auto can on the car is the same so did not post, intermintend heated mirrors and suspect...
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    99 Jetta TDI glow plug questions.

    Question, 99 Jetta TDI, understanding glow plug sequence? This car is running well and you can delete EGR code as cleaned the coke out of it and replace 1 vac line all is good. It has been a little grouchy in the morning around 32F, or 0C. Monitoring this on a DSO and VAG, I note 4 plugs...
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    2002 TDI beetle no heated mirror.

    Have a scan on this, only 1 code of something immobilizer, car runs stellar, just no heated mirrors. That said looked @ Bently manual and not wanting to chase my tail:D, Heated mirrors supposed to be relay #8 all models:confused:. Looking @ Bently manual, call that circuit an L99, tutorial in...
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    2001 1.8 Jetta AWD cam crank correlation code.

    Good morning Nostra Jack, or whom ever. Car has 136,000 miles not KM, automatic. Had new belt water pump and tensioner 35,000 miles ago. First, did a quick scan per Vag, states is not supported by this car. Apologize, did not get the exact # of code (my bad) but stated Cam crank correlation...