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    No DPF Regen in rain

    I have a 2E 2008 VW crafter 88 Deisel, I have had the DPF warning light come on yesterday, a quick trip up the motorway for 20 minutes normally solves the issue, today however the van wa sent up the motorway, but it was raining ... the van has come back with a flashing Coil Light flashing and...
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    DPF warning light

    ~ Hi, LT3 VW Crafter R5 2008 V5 2.5 The DPF warning light has come on, I have driven up the motorway for 20 minutes straight away, but the light has not gone out, a few shotr journeys later and the coil light is on, and I suspect the vehicle is in limp mode - what happened to the...
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    DPF just cleaned - how to reset things with VCDS

    Excuse the simple phrase, I am new to VCDS, hello to all. Just bought a van, which we believe was subjected to strictly city driving - with possible interrupted regens, and limited motorway driving, it appears the van has spent its life in and out of the VW Dealers to deal with multiple DPF...
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    VW Crafter 2008 2.5 TDI support

    Hi, I have just purchased a VW crafter 2008 2.5 TDI CR with 72k miles. I am about to purchase VCDS to hopefully allow us to perform an 'adaptation of carbon mass (after DPF replacement)' - I think that is what is required, after having removed the DPF and cleaning it with Wynns 'Off Car DPF...