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    18 GTI EPC light after manual swap

    Made some small gains, original Gateway back in the car. Driving modes are back and working. Managed to clear Software version management code in 5F as well. Just Navigation left non op. At times I do get B126C F2 Nav database not enabled code pop up Tried SD card in my Golf R works fine, Golf...
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    ME17 ecu mk6 gti

    Another oddball question, anyone have a pin out for this ecu? I'm wanting to find out if it has a dedicated pin for A/C on like the earlier me7.5 does. I don't have the luxury of an A/C control panel to communicate via CAN.
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    ABS unit recoding

    Ok a real long shot here so here goes, I've swapped a mk6 GTI TSI engine and the matching abs pump / wheel sensors to an older vehicle. Everything is running and ABS working. Esp / asr does not work due to missing modules / steering rack not able to be fitted. My question is can these related...
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    18 GTI EPC light after manual swap

    Working through the various fault codes today, many codes resolved after calibrating G85 and setting steering end stops. Some remaining codes are easily resolved, A/C low pressure (requires gassing up) Component protection still needs removing from sat nav install, ACC sensor needs calibrating...
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    Golf MK7.5 G85 basic setting

    I cannot clear basic setting codes using the procedure below, sensor has been out of car due to dash replacement. The message box "running" never changes, can log in...
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    New Beetle 01314 code

    Hi, new to the forum from New zealand I have a customers 2003 New Beetle cabrio (was 2.0 AZJ with 09G tiptronic) Vehicle is stock other than now engine swap. Owner purchased a AWU 1.8T 20v from 2003 Beetle coupe (had 01M trans mated to it) We fitted engine for him to his vehicle using his 09G...